Refined Gold

You look at me and you see the glitter, you forget to scratch and check if I’m really made of gold
You envy the things I have and the attire I wear, but you can’t dare the things I’ve dared
When you look at me, what do you see?
Do you only observe the glamour on the surface or do search for the depth within?
My hair, you say is arrayed with streaks of gray
But you don’t know how many strands have fallen in times of worrying
My face with its wrinkles that I conceal, each line telling a different tale
My eyes may be brown, but the tears they’ve cried could cause a rain storm
My lips, O these full rosy lips, have begged and pleaded, appreciated and interceded
The words they’ve help pronounce have healed many hearts and calmed many storms
My back maybe all supple now, but you’ll never know how many bricks they’ve broken
My hands are smooth, much thanks to lotions you’ll never see the blisters and the calluses they once bore
And you can never imagine how many petitions they’ve written in times of dear need
My knees, weak and frail, barely taking me to places I want them to, but doors have opened cause they’ve never been too far from the ground
You’ll never see a chipped nail on my feet, my pedicure is always outstanding, but those feet have stepped into shoes sizes too small but have walked in shoes no one thought they could carry
So before you assess my wealth and my fortune
Recognise the One who gave me all I own and all I once desired
Before you make wishes asking to be like me, ask yourself if you can walk the path I have tread
You see the glory but you don’t know my story
You’ve heard about my fame and my name
But my dear, I didn’t make it here without the help of someone greater
And in the end, the only name that matters is His.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. joshua says:

    Really like this. Simple and intense.

  2. Jidé Taiwo says:

    Inspiring my friend. People tend not to notice the work in progress; only the finished work. But we thank the Lord.

    By the way,those rosy lips no go kill person 😉

  3. Thanks!!! Just seeing the comments!

  4. @flexlord says:

    Good write-up..its unfair to ursef 2 wish dt u were. Som1else..

  5. Lawani Funke says:

    You are such an amazing writer .i love reading your writing;really it`s such a treat for me!

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