Without You

I’ve developed a thick skin,
Although it feels so translucent
I tell myself that I won’t let you get to me
That all you do won’t bother me a tiny bit
And then I go about emanating the anger I hold for you to everyone around me
You mess up my head and my days and you don’t even have to do anything
No calls, no texts
And when I call, no response
How do you do this?
I don’t even know what to do with you
I try to hate you but I can’t,
I try to ignore you and I ruin my day
I try to act like you don’t exist and then the whiff of the perfume you gave me is all I can think off
You’re everywhere and nowhere
You’re in my heart and still we’re miles apart
What do I do with you?
“Be patient”is all I hear
“Teach him to love”is what my Spirit tells me
Tears fall with a silent heave
Loving you may be hard, but losing you is harder…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. femi says:

    I no go lie..I love dis. Write-up..it s very. Romantic

  2. femi says:

    Dis is really. Romantic..I love it

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