Sometimes, I just look at my life through someone else’s eyes
Like I’m in a cinema and I’m watching the a movie whose script I wrote
Many times, I’ve let God be the director
Other times, I played the roles of director, actor and producer
Those were the times I failed
The times when I thought I had everything under control
And it all seemed easy-peasy
But now I know better
Cause those decisions always lead to situations that brought pain and heartache in the end
Its too late for regrets
But I always imagine how things could have played out differently
Maybe I would have less worries and more friends
Maybe I would be somewhere different
But despite all my mistakes, I’m still thankful for His grace that has seen me through
For the mistakes I’m learning from
And for the decisions whose fruits I am benefiting from
In the end, Romans 8:28 prevails
“All things work together for good for them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”


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