Without Reason

You’re trying to make me mad at you
Try harder my dear, cause I trust that no matter what effort you put
You won’t succeed
I guess you don’t know what it means to be a love child of a love God
Well, let me do the honours of telling you,
It means that I love regardless of who you are and what you’ve done
It means that I love without even knowing who you are
I love when I feel like and when I don’t feel like
I love not just my friends and my family, my enemies are included too
I don’t keep record of wrongs
I am long-suffering
I am patient
I am kind
I am not boastful, rude or proud
Even when all disappears, three things will remain: hope, faith and love
And the greatest of these is LOVE
It may sound like a cliché to you
But I take my confessions seriously
I will love you with all that I know
And teach you how to love
Cause the love I know never gives up
I believe the best of you
And as much as you want me to hate you, no matter how hard you try
I will always always love you.


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  1. girl...go...thaaat...way... says:


  2. folahanlash says:

    You started with this….my friend is a star

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