How I Spent My Last Weekend

I know people are going to say all sorts about this post but pardon me for my childish nature. Sometimes, I love to view the world with child-like innocent eyes. Makes it easier and less complicated and I appreciate things more when I am not criticising them or looking for mistakes.

This is about my last trip to Lagos. If this was my Primary 4 class, it would have earned me a high score for a “How I Spent My Last Holiday” composition. Now before you all start raising eyebrows and asking whether I have lived under a rock all my life, let me state at this point that I HAVE BEEN TO LAGOS o! In fact, I had my primary education there. But I never got to experience Lagos this way.
So back to my story, I travelled with my dear room-mate, Dammy Longe, and trust me she is a real Lasgidi girl, born, bred and from Lagos so I was in safe hands.
We got a free ride to Lagos from one of our colleagues, and I must say, she was like an angel sent from the heavens, and cause of her, I got to see Ogun State Teaching Hospital and appreciate my UCH (University College Hospital). Then we got down at some random petrol station at Ojota. And I guess this is the point where my real Lagos experience started.
We were walking like we had hot coal stones under our feet and searching for a bin too. We got questioned by some uniform men for dropping garbage in a bin with no bottom(how was that our fault?). Then, I got my first ride in a BRT!!! I wish they didn’t take the ticket back cause I was planning to put it in my scrap-book 😦 . Anyway, the ride was fun, and the bus kept stopping like every 5minutes to drop passengers and I guess our voices were a bit too high cause we kept on getting stares.
Then we got down at Ojuelegba, and my oh my, I can’t remember the last time I felt so claustrophobic. The fast walk started again, we were on the hunt for an acoustic guitar and a sustain pedal for a keyboard. If I thought I was clueless about my location, I had absolutely no idea what those two items were. I mean, what’s the difference between one guitar and another? Then Dammy Longe saves the day again*whew* and we started our search, climbing stairs after stairs. She was testing guitars from acoustic to electro-acoustic to box (yes, I got a bit of education) and we ended up buying two guitars; one for our main purpose and the other because “it was so pretty”. The sustain pedal was the joke of the day, every shop had the same kind and they all had price differences in thousands! We ended up buying the only different one we saw, not like we knew the difference anyway.
One masterpiece caught my eye- a beautiful church that looked like it was cut out from a Roman Empire storybook. Sadly, I didn’t get a name.
Two more BRTs and a cab and we were home, okay, we are at the Longes. I met her really pretty Mum and her brother and her cousins and her dad.
Television(luxury in school) is becoming boring o, nothing good was on and I just kept on changing stations in search of a good movie or some nice reality show.
The next day, we started round 2 of our shopping. First we went to Lantana bookshop. We spent hours there and now reflecting, I guess I should have enjoyed the comfort of the roof and air-conditioned environment cause what came after wasn’t good at all. For those who know the market, maybe I’m exaggerating but for those who don’t, my imagination isn’t wild- Jankara market. I have to admit that I was impressed at how organised it is. Everything is in rows- from household equipment to kitchen utensils, baby clothes to wrapping items. We priced and priced and I hope we got the best bargain. After about an hour plus, we had successfully acquired three 4-in-1 rice cooker, deep fryer, steamer and baker sets, three rice cookers, a set of pots, knives and frying pans,and a sound system.
Then we had to get wrist watches, and that was the almost-highlight of the day. I think the bright lights from the blings almost got me blind. And their prices!!! The next time I see a wristwatch on a guy’s hand, I’ll try really hard not to be sceptical. I saw wrist watches that were usually over #10,000 or more for #3000 to #5000 and it took Dammy to keep me from fainting. Never again will I patronise those shops and so called boutiques.

I gradually watched all the shops close for the day and I kept wondering when I was going to leave myself. We finally left at some minutes past seven. At this point, I have to give Kudos to Dammy’s mum who was our chauffeur for the day. She was extremely patient and I don’t know how we would have made it without her.
I still had plans of going to see my aunt in Lekki, and I had almost lost all hope that it was going to be possible. So I called my aunt and she came up with a brilliant and scary plan. Now on a sunny afternoon in Ibadan, this wouldn’t have scared me out of my skin., but this was Lagos, at some minutes to eight, from Ikoyi to Lekki and I’m still surprised at myself that I didn’t hyper ventilate. The plan was that I would take a cab from Falomo, Ikoyi to her estate gate at Lekki, then she would meet me there and drop me the next morning at my friend’s place. My journey started, and the driver of the cab was this guy with a really long beard, and all I could think of was “Rolayo, you are going to be a last wife”. After a while, I calmed down and decided to enjoy the view. Lagos, the island especially, is truly a beauty to behold at night. I actually began to wish I had studied architecture, but its a bit too late for regrets now.
I got to my aunt’s estate safely, and she kept calling to keep tabs on me. I was super-exhausted and after dinner, I just retired for the night.
The next day, my aunt dropped me at my friend’s place and dropped some cash for me( one of the many reasons why I love my aunts). Then we went to Good News Baptist Church. Can’t remember the last time I was in a Baptist Church but it was fun too.
We came back to UCH in a cab and sadly my weekend was over.
I really enjoyed my trip and most especially the market and BRT part. I won’t say I want to have the experience again, cause I was starving! But, the perspective was different. I still maintain that my children will not grow up in Ibadan, never. They could come for holidays here but they have to enjoy the hustle and bustle. God bless Nigeria. God bless Ibadan. God bless Lagos. And God bless all you my patient readers! 🙂


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  1. Seyi says:

    Wonderful composition. Keep it up.

  2. dammy says:

    Awwwwww!!!!!! U left out d part where we quarreled…..

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