As You Take Those Vows

I remember when I used to kneel to do the buttons on your shirts
Now you have to bend to kiss my forehead
I can’t believe you’ve grown this fast
I still remember the way you looked the first time I set my eyes on you
How I held you and vowed never to let you go
Today sadly, I am breaking that vow
Cause you’ve found another
But I’m glad that all my prayers have been answered
You’ve made us all proud my son
Now go and make her proud
As you say those vows today,
Say them from your heart
Make her your partner and not your slave
Let her be beside you on your way to the top
It takes a lot for a woman to leave all she knows and follow you to start a life
Don’t let her down and never give her a reason to regret her decision
Let your love be like the rings you’ll exchange
Purer after coming out of the furnace
You’ll have ups and downs
But let them build you up
Love her unconditionally
Tell her you do every chance you get
Show her you care
Treat her like a queen,
And she’ll make you happy
Appreciate her,
For God’s worth in her, for being yours and for bearing your children
Learn from your father
He’s the best man I could ever have asked for
I expect you to be a better man
Take time to enjoy the little things of life
Money can buy you a nice bed
But it won’t keep you warm
And it’ll never replace the laughter of children in a home
Allow her to pursue her dreams
Give her all the support she needs
Pray for her, and with her
Surprise her, spoil her silly, let her be the envy of her friends
Be her man
When she wakes up at dawn, and you’re still in the land of the dead,
Let her look at you and thank God
That she married you
And for the womb that carried you.

N.B.: If you ever get to read this, know that I was young and inexperienced but it’s from my heart.


17 Comments Add yours

  1. omotooke says:

    Love it! Love it!! Love it!!!

  2. Nimi says:

    Very heartfelt Roll-hay! I was just building up something like this in my head for my daughter and son. I hope your son gets to read this, this is almost all he needs to have a fulfilling marriage. Beautiful writing as always! *now going to share this*

  3. 47 says:

    Love it gann. Kinda reminds me of sunny Nneji’s “Oruka ti D’owo” track.

  4. vixenpixie says:

    I’m actually crying. It spoke to me…in more ways dan 1.

  5. Effie says:

    Beautiful! Now, if only my future husband would read this..

  6. ademola odebode says:

    Lovely..I like….awesome write up..u rock rols!!!

  7. Gemma Ewarewah says:

    This is so so so so lovely.. Wow…a tear actually dropped! I LOVE this write-up…

  8. gboyega says:

    keep it up. Wishing dat more guys will see dis.

  9. Cedar says:

    Gat nuffin to say wen @Gemma had already spoken. Love it and promise to be that man to U̶̲̥̅̊ my love Gemma…

  10. Jemi says:

    Nice one.shud inspire all guys.

  11. Ms. Doyin says:

    Wow. I like!!. I wish all the guys would read this. *side eye* For real tho. 😀 sigh*

  12. Onafalujo Akinwande says:

    Wow! As usual fantastic! Didn’t know you could pull this off too…but hey! it’s Rolayo we’re talking about here. Keep firing girl.
    P.S. One for the guys….pleaaase???

  13. Oluwatomi Adeoti says:

    Rolayo, this is really nice. Hope all our men read this. I shed a happy tear for the loving mothers too.

  14. Gbaks says:

    Beautifully written,truthfully worded & heart tugging. Love this!

  15. Jibola says:

    You got me at the first two lines…. *sigh*

  16. adetola badejo says:

    Rolayo,its a beautiful one I must say. U’re on ur way to becomin a great writer. keep d fire burnin dear.

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