For Rashida

I know she may never see this
And a lot of you might wonder why I’m even bothering
But if you ever encountered Rashida,
You’ll definitely agree that she deserves a tribute

She couldn’t understand a word we were saying
All she understood was French
And communication was a major problem
She was weird and really amusing
Sleeping on mats under trees
In the hot sun
Eating from plastic bowls instead of plates
But there was a gleam in her eyes
This smile that played on her lips
And it warmed our hearts

A few months later
She had picked the language
With a tingle of her accent
and I always had a good laugh
She became a part of the family
Mummy’s P.A.
Grandma’s best friend and foe
Ayo’s constant help and cook
My object of humour
Never a dull moment with Rashida around
She always had one story to tell
She made the guests feel welcome
And her laugh, that innocent chuckle
Still rings in my ears
She was willing to learn and she did

I remember listening to her talk about home
Her siblings and her parents
Not with a hint of pity, just an understanding
We teased her constantly about how our country was better than hers
And she was never one to lose a battle of words
I watched her gather up things we considered trash, and keep them for the day she returned home
So she could share with all those she left behind

In a world where love is becoming as scarce as a precious stone
And even the little you give is thrown back in your face
It was a refreshing feeling to get to that gate
Hear her shouting my name in recognition of my knocking pattern
And with a smile open and say,
“E kaabo”
Like a sign that there’s really no place like home

She’s gone
And sad to say, I may never see her again
She taught me that happiness is from within and not without
Regardless of where you are and who you are with
I still imagine her lying on the bed when I enter her room
Or singing the latest track on TV when I change the channel
Guess it’ll take some getting used to

Rashida, I know that’s not your real name
Its definitely more beautiful than that
You have a beautiful soul
And its going to take you places
I didn’t get to say a proper good-bye
But I take comfort in the fact that
Anytime I see the moon brightening up my night
That same moon is brightening up your night
God bless you my dear…


27 Comments Add yours

  1. Seyi says:

    Lovely piece.

  2. devone07 says:

    Brilliant!…can’t say I resonate wiv d style but God knows I do with the emotion…good job!

  3. laolu says:

    Real sweet. I’m sure she misses u too

  4. bukola majofodunmi says:

    *…She made the
    guests feel welcome…* i agree with dat.very lovely girl.wuld miss her 2.y did she leave?

    1. Well her two years were complete and you know how these things go now…

  5. vixenpixie says:

    Reminds me of aunt Nkechi… *sigh*

  6. yvonne says:


  7. Opeyemi Tokun says:

    D best tribute i have read in awhile.

  8. naz says:

    Almost started crying…she was lovely when I met her. N this was jst beautiful! Beautiful!

  9. Folarera says:

    This ¶§ so captivating.I do wish Rashida all †ђξ best in life!

  10. kelechi says:

    Eeeyah,she has gone alrdy,awwww!yh she ws rily funny too…a lot better than the one b4 her

  11. Savage says:

    Why do we sometimes search heinously for people flaws when you can’t find one, but yet you still find it and that’s bcos we are human beings, with all the beautiful lines, well expressed contextual story and lullaby rhythmic sound of the poetry about Rashida @bukola majofodunmi you only mapped out #gbagaun, chai human “beans”. @Mide, keep it up cute and make sure you always keep your pristine glasses very safe.

  12. kc says:

    real nice. thanks

  13. deedee says:

    This piece obviosly came from d heart.I like it,its I guess u get 2do ol d housework now:p,lol

  14. Nimi says:

    Very heartfelt piece! I met her twice (I think) and she was very cheerful and she wanted to help with everything. Everyone has to move on in life, I wish her all d very best.

  15. Wale Adenuga says:

    Lovely piece! Can iassume Rashida is d House Maid?

  16. Bimpe Modder says:

    A deserving piece for Rashida, we were lucky she shared her life with us, and taught us many things about ourselves and about life.My short time with her was lovely she was full of ‘joie de vive’. well written Rolly she would have loved it.

  17. teeto says:

    Nice one Rolayo! she is such a handworking ,honest and ever cheerful girl. sure grand ma will miss her the most. i wish her all the best in all her life endeavours.

  18. tonia says:

    a really nice piece…it feels so original

  19. bukola majofodunmi says:

    pls i mapped out d quote i love most.

  20. Deronke says:

    lovely write up, i encounter rashida’s innocent look this time last year when I was home and this is a very touching write up for rasida thanks for taking care of my mum. mmwwwaaahhh Deronke

  21. Busola says:

    It is very touching and true. She most definately deserves rememberance. I remember her funny accent during my visit last december in your house and I must say she is a very special person and friend. I will miss her warm heart whenever next I come to visit but I know that somewhere in the world she will be great and that the time she spent, was worth it because she has gained something essential to life whilst living with your blessed family.
    Thank you Rashida for everything you have done for us. Our famly, and everyone else you have blessed during your stay.

    1. Uh! Busola, this is so sweet of you. I really hope she gets to read this one day and know how much we all appreciated her. Thanks to all my aunties too- Aunty Bimpe, Aunty Toyin and Aunty Ronke for taking time to read this and leave a comment. God bless you.

      1. Busola says:

        you are most welcome

  22. Jibola says:

    I love this 🙂

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