Paranoid Delusion

Its an addiction
Slowly slowly, it creeps up on me
I try to fight it
But then again, it wins
Sometimes, I’m too tired to fight
I just submit to its intention
I tell myself I’ll stop
I put in measures to ensure that I do
Measures that all fall loose when the desire starts burning
And the fire consumes me without pity
I fear for myself that it’ll one day destroy me
That the power I have over it will finally be subdued
I fear that one day,
The me that I know will fade away,
I fear that I’ll wake up one day and see
That I’m everything I never wanted to be
And I’ll be less of me, more of it
I fear that I would become my own worst enemy.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. omotooke says:

    Erm…… Huh????? U need to talk to me

  2. Tinuola says:

    Im just kidding ooo! It was
    Short and left me wanting more.
    That’s a good thing! Right?

  3. ogungbile seun says:

    i thnk its cool..thumbs up rolayo

  4. Folarera says:

    Super cool.

  5. 47 says:

    lovely. concise but magnificent..

  6. Jibola says:

    I love this. I love how it meanders and flows, and yet doesn’t divulge what the fatal attraction/addiction is. 🙂

  7. dr giggles says:

    This is my story : I n my ribena addiction 😐 good one

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