As You Take Those Vows [Pt. II]

This is a sequel to a previous post,”As You Take Those Vows”
I wrote this with the help of a lot of my friends and a wonderful teacher.

I still remember that shrill cry
The look of exasperation on your mother’s face and how it softened when she set her eyes on you
Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” played in my head
Like the perfect theme song for the birth of an angel
Today, I don’t think any song would be good enough to express how I feel
Or maybe I’ve just not heard it yet

My baby girl is all grown up
She has become a woman about to start her own home
I know as parents we’ve done our parts in building you up
Now its your turn to build up your nest
And watch that nest become a nation

I see a lot of me when I look at that young man
Passion, determination, drive, and a heart ready to conquer the world
Be all that he needs you to be
A steady and reliable companion
Let him know you are always by his side
And when he looks into a crowd for solace
He can be assured that his number one fan is cheering him on
Never be afraid to go the extra mile for him
If you can’t do it for the one you exchanged vows with, who then?
Appreciate all he gives, no matter how little
His time, his resources, his affection
Encourage him to be a better man
Bring out the best in him
Build him up in every way you can
Encourage him to pursue his dreams
And let him be part of yours
Never be afraid to correct him
And always watch his back
Be interested in his interests, even if it bends you
I know we taught you to be independent, and we’re proud of you
But rely on him, let him know he’s still your man
Be vulnerable, let him take care of you
It gives him a sense of fulfilment
Don’t relent on those things he found irresistible about you
Keep yourself attractive for him
Marriage shouldn’t make you a shadow of yourself
Instead it should bring out the glow in you
Be understanding
Let him trust you with even his fears
Knowing that you’re interceding relentlessly on his behalf
Let your home be a place of laughter and love, and let the warm fragrance of peace welcome him at the door
Let your arms soothe him
Treat him like a king,
And you’ll forever be his queen
Let him look at you my daughter and say to his maker,
“Blessed is SHE amongst all women”
I’ve always said your mother is the best, but I want you to be better
You have all it takes my dear
Today, when I place your hand in his
I want him to remember that moment forever
As the moment he received his best gift from heaven.


16 Comments Add yours

  1. adetola badejo says:

    Another beautiful one. An improvement on d previous one.keep it UP dear☺

  2. Azubbie says:


  3. Nimi says:

    *Wailing* This is so emotional and deep. Love every bit of it!

  4. Tinuola says:

    Awesome stuff! Took you a while but u got
    There eventualli! My personal fav….. Part 1!

  5. Gracious says:

    this is totally lovely… it makes me want to get married immediately. keep it up!

  6. 47 says:

    dis is lovely. wow.

  7. Wale Adenuga says:

    Ahan! Ahan!! Ahan!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!! iRefuse!!!!!!! This is nt just WOW 47, adetola n Azubbie, this isn’t just Beautiful, This is…………..wait for it……………………#EPiClyAwesome 😀

    Love it! Please whrs d Previous Part o!?

  8. gboyega says:


  9. Bimpe Modder says:

    A call to those about to take the marriage plunge, Beautifully written by one so young but with deep insight into the revered vows of marriage and life after it. Well done niece, another feather to your cap.

  10. Toun says:

    Impeccable!!!……….hope you’ll put all your writings together in a book soon.

  11. terdoh says:

    Come! How old are you? This doesn’t read like someone who hasn’t been through many years of marriage.

    This is brilliant yo! Off to the other post.

  12. noYeats says:

    Beyond beautiful. I remember the previous one, and I must say, you get better everytime you pick up a pen…

  13. Bolanle says:

    Beautifully articulated. One of the sweetest pieces I’ve read pertaining to marriage. Well done & wax stronger

  14. I Renette says:

    Super! Super, I tell you!

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