Go Well, My Love

This note was written by someone I admire cause he’s a beautiful and deep writer. He wrote it after reading “As You Take Those Vows(Part II)” and sent it to me as a gift. I am honoured to be posting it on my blog for your reading pleasure. Please read, enjoy, and leave comments! Thanks! Here’s his blog address: http://phoenix9ja.wordpress.com/
You can follow him on twitter: @JibolaL

I am tempted to ask you not to go
Worried that if you leave
I’ll lose all my composure
Whirlpools of love and longing
Stir deep within me
Unsettling my pillars of strength and calm
My memories are accomplices in this coup
Taking me hostage, and dragging me back

Your first words were not “Mummy”
Neither was it “daddy”
I was changing your diaper
She was making your formular
We were worker bees
At your majesty’s service
“Boo boo!!!”, you squealed in a fit of excitement
Your mother and I were shocked
That must have been the day she realised
That you were her junior wife
That your curious eyes hid a depth of intelligence

On your first day of school
Nobody saw the lone tear slither from my left eye
Like all those other forlorn parents,
I lingered
Watching my little princess absorb new things
You were so calm
You watched the other babies crying in wonder
You looked out of the window and smiled at me
Papa, you mumbled
And waved with a wide smile
I waved back, feeling foolish
And left.

“Papaaa, I want a brother!!!!”
Was how you greeted me that day
I was barely out of the back seat
Like clockwork, she got pregnant a few months later
We were happy
You were happier
You rubbed her belly every chance you got
You always made tea for her, like I taught you to
The baby was yours as much as it was ours

You somehow understood with wisdom beyond your years,
When I came home with just your brother
“Mama is gone?” you asked
I nodded unable to say a thing
Your face fell
But then, you stretched your hands out
For the bundle of white in my hands
When you first laid eyes on your brother
Your sad face lit into a small smile
Fadekemi’s smile
The dam of tears I struggled to hold back
Burst forth at that moment

The soundtrack to your exit out of my life,
Breaks my trudge down memory lane
I look at your eyes one last time
I see Fadekemi’s eyes in yours

You look at me through the veil,
As I fight to hold back the tears
You don’t hold back
As the tears course down your cheeks
We make our way through the doors of the chapel
The march to farewell beginning in earnest
Each step less resolute than the last
I give in, when I see your groom’s smile
The sheer happiness on his face is unbridled
As he looks at you from the altar
You’re his now
Go well, my love


14 Comments Add yours

  1. shutterbabedemi says:

    Typing this with my eyes pooled up. Amazing work. The ability of a writer to take his/her reader into another world aided by nothing but strung words…. The simplicity of the words aids to make this piece even more powerful. Seen ur work on leke’s SC and seeing this again, YOU are a beautiful writer. I thouroughly enjoyed this sad piece.

  2. Seyi says:

    creativity @ it’s finest. kudos to the writer.

  3. 47 says:

    Wonderful piece. Love the careful ‘weaving’ of words.

  4. awizii says:

    Heartfelt. Emotional outpouring of a father reluctant to surrender his daughter to the care of another. Her companion.

    I really liked the poetic way you told the story of their lives, from her birth to the day she got married and how sad it is for a father to let go.
    Makes me see marriage in a different light.

    Very nice. 🙂

  5. @MrOdada says:

    I would loved to say more than ‘beautiful’ but I also fight to save this tear from falling off! Its reality!! No one could have said it better than this…Go well, my Love.

  6. MzLucyM says:

    :’) this is just beautiful. love how its so simply written yet every line speaks volumes! awesome stuff jibola(y)

  7. Mak'Omondi says:

    Great piece, deep, creative and moving. This one, is more than a writer.

  8. vixenpixie says:

    this piece is beautiful… not the way everyone sees love. it’s love…

  9. Chicasa says:

    Beautiful! Can’t express further

  10. shadenonconformist says:

    I’m not sure what else to say as everyone has said it all..

    But I guess I’ll be redundant: This is really awesome stuff..

    Lovely Jibola…

  11. Maro says:

    wonderful write up

  12. joshua says:

    Now thats something beautiful…

  13. pritih says:

    I traveled with you,
    on this beautiful journey
    as you told this
    heart warming tale
    of one father’s love
    for his darling daughter.

    I totally like.
    I wish.

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