Righting The Wrongs

At the beginning of ’11,my theme was”2011- My Year of Righting All The Wrongs”
Well, it’s December again, time for sober reflections. 2011 had a lot of highs and lows, ups and downs, twists and turns to say the least. I’ll share a few and hopefully not bore you.

FAMILY- My dad retired and came back to motherland this year after 20years! Huge deal, and my life changed in more ways than one. Having him around is great though, can’t remember when last I spent Christmas with him.
I got to see my cousin after 7 years and my aunt after 6 too. I don’t know the next time I’ll see them again , but that was one of the greatest surprises I got this year.

SCHOOL- A LOT HAPPENED!!! I wrote my first professional exam in med/dental school and I passed (still grateful). I moved to University College Hospital (UCH) and started a new phase of my life. Things are different here but I would rather have it this way than any other way.

RELATIONSHIP(s)- … Let’s just skip that part, ok?

FINANCES- I have to work on that part. Same goes for my punctuality too.

WALK WITH GOD- My faith grew stronger, learned to trust more and worry less. And study His Word more and pray.

I started my blog!!! A huge step in my life cause I never thought people would actually stop to read anything I had to write and I’m eternally grateful to all of you guys.

My blackberry- Although it lasted barely six months, it served its purpose WELL.

I got to be on a banner!!! Laugh all you want, but hey *shrugging* you can’t blame me! I was really shy at first, but I got used to it after about a week.

I got to see two of my favorite people in the world!!!
Funto Jatto! Tosin Owonibi!
I had re-unions with old friends. Most importantly, best five!… Dunno when that will happen again…

I went for The Experience for the first time. It was cool and I truly had an experience.

Now that I think about it, I can’t actually place my finger on anything in particular. Everything always turned out for good in the end. At least, I choose to see it that way.
I made a friend that I almost lost too, but I learnt an important lesson, maybe the hard way, but I learnt still- “You can’t always have what you want. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. True love is when you want someone to be happy even if it means you are not part of their happiness”.

I have a long list of people to thank for making this year beautiful. I can’t possibly thank them all but I’ll try.
GOD- Yeah, I know some of y’all will say “cliche” and possibly roll your eyes, BUT … I’m lost for words, or better still words can’t express my thanks to Him.
My new-old friends: Nimi&Ore. I know you’ll wonder why you are in such a category, but you guys are better than sisters. Nimi, for everything and for many more things to come. Ore, for always telling me the truth even when it didn’t sound like what I wanted to hear. Have I ever told you that I love you guys? Well I do.
My Family- RBCF 2K11: GT, Morax, Laolu, Akin, Kemi, Doyin, Sanmi, Tam- We’ve had some rough times in the past year but we made it. You guys always put a 🙂 on my face. Morakinyo- I owe you a lot.
My Room-mates/Land ladies/Hostesses/Big Sisters: Dammy&Vese- I pray for you everyday. I thank God for both of you. I’m indebted to you two. And allow me to say that I have had more fun in the past four months than I have in all my three years in UI.
Tinu&Doyin: 🙂 (not cause I don’t have anything to say, but I really don’t know where to start)
My Big Brother: Foluso Baruwa. My Big Sister: Ronke Williams. Thank you both for the individual roles you have both played in my life.
Pastor Dre: *big hug* one special thing about you is the fact that you are sooooo easy to talk to. You have a warm heart. Thank you for everything and for always cheering me on.

Einstein: oops, I meant Dr. Olumide, I’m still getting used to the name. You were there for me throughout my exams and I know you prayed for me. I don’t think I did a good enough job during your own exams. Accept this my thanks anyway.
Ikechukwu- You once said to me, “Good friends are like wine, they taste better with age”. Our friendship has surpassed expectations and I’m proud of that.

Ok, lemme stop here, maybe my next post. I wish I could thank everyone. There some key-players that no one else sees that make the lady you all see, big ups to them to.
Finally,I thank all you my avid readers, for sparing those few minutes of your day to stop and read my thoughts in words. I can’t thank you enough. To the bloggers that have gone ahead and have honored me too: @ShayoGrass @JibolaL @Olatoxic @vixenpixie and many more, I don’t deserve it, and I’m humbled. To Bablo, for believing so much in me- I’m flattered.

I can’t end this post without thanking someone for also making my year. Seven months of friendship, but it feels like I’ve known you for four years(hope you get the pun). You always make me smile- 47!!!
Thank you too!

So maybe I didn’t get to right all my wrongs, and maybe I messed a few times too many. But I’m a better person than I was yesterday, and a stronger woman than last year. So 2012, get ready! I’m coming brighter and better.
*bows out*


14 Comments Add yours

  1. bukky maj says:

    nice. *blowing u a kiss* happy new year in adv. Greater heights

  2. Einstein says:

    Hey babe,u flatter me. I cn beat my chest n say I’m proud of d lady u hav bcome. May Christ continue 2 b form in u. I wish I hav ur tym mor. 2012 wil b 4 u, a year 2 evn mature mor n grow in d knowledge of Christ. I luv u always.

  3. Ayodele Anthonio says:

    This is wonderful and i’m so happy for you. You’l continue to grow in strength and wisdom.You’ve inspired me to start writing too. I pray your dreams and goals for the new year are achieved.Merry Christmas

  4. Ayodele Anthonio says:

    This is wonderful Rolayo and i’m so happy for you. You’l continue to grow in strength and wisdom.You’ve inspired me to start writing too. I pray your dreams and goals for the new year are achieved.Merry Christmas

  5. vixenpixie says:

    Oh jeez, I’m so touched. And yeah…. This end of the year is a time to reflect and appreciate and thank. ThanK you for reminding me. X

  6. Bimpe Modder says:

    Nice ‘end of year reflection piece’ niece. Have a blessed Xmas and a wonderful New Year. May 2012 brings you all you wish for and much more. It was great seeing you this year

  7. tiwatayo lasebikan says:

    i av being seeing comments like ‘who you av become’. And coming from someone that has known you for 4yrs and some months, i can say you’ve come a long way. And i know, this is the least you’d ever be

  8. 47 says:

    almost shed a tear. Lovely piece. and yeah. i got d pun. 🙂

  9. tomi junias says:

    this is nais…kip it up

  10. seyi says:

    You ended the year wt a great piece. Kudos!!!

  11. kunbi says:

    yes, your summary of 2011 experience is true and detailed, but most of all i’m thankful to God for having enlightened you this much about life purpose, and your true source of fulfillment… ..being HIm..it can only get better…before i bow out ..using your words..there still remain eleven more days of pleasant surprises for u this year..be expectant..compliments

  12. Nimi says:

    Awwwwww! I’m so touched by this. You had a great year & I’m glad I was a part of it. I wish you a great 2012 (with me still being a part) with more of purpose & LESS drama. I love you too hon!

    I read this a few minutes after you called, my phone was messing up so I couldn’t leave a comment then ❤

  13. Hey dear, good one there. So proud of you and so happy for you. You know what, it can only get better!!! Looking forward to a better you in a new year!


  14. I Renette says:


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