Ibadan 2020

HI People!!!

I am starting this year with a poem that I wrote a while back for a competiton. I didn’t win but hey, doesn’t matter. The experience was worth it. But now I want to know what YOU think, so leave your comments please.

Happy 2012!

Ibadan of my dreams

May look a bit vague

 May sound a bit superficial

But its my dream

And I believe in the saying, “Live and let live”

Ibadan, synonymous with brown roofs

The view from Mapo hill

Many have written about you

Many have built you

But not so many have kept your legacy

You’ve been home to many of us

But then we grow up and forget you

We move to bigger cities and plant our seeds

Coming back only for retirement and death

 When you deserve more

Ibadan, the few that have stayed back

Have exploited you, the little you have

They’ve taken it as their own

 And left you with what?

Abandoned buildings that could have been architectural landmarks

Pot-hole infested roads in the place of tarred ones

 An amusement park turned desolate, used only for party receptions

I hear your cry Ibadan

I see you being restored to your days of former glory

And surpassing all expectations

I see you growing to a mega-city

A force for cities around the world to reckon with

The Ibadan of my dreams is a beauty to behold

With neat roads and non-polluted air

Where justice always prevails

And help is only a dial away

The Ibadan of my dreams has tourist attractions

 And people from near and far stand in awe of its beauty

 Our airport is not just a landing strip,

But world-class standard

I see your name being listed amongst Metropolitan Cities in the world

 But still retaining its serenity

Ibadan, Land of my birth I dream of the proverbial milk and honey

I dream of a city rich in culture, but still advanced in technology

When my children are born,

And I show them the new you, Ibadan

I want to tell them, with glistening eyes,

Of how you transformed from rusty leaves to fresh green ones

And how you lived up to your name

“The Pacesetter”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. dammydaisy says:


  2. Farida says:

    Let me be the first to endorse this. I think it is a nice poem..

  3. Ejike Okoro says:


  4. Ifokwe Daniel says:

    It waz a nyc 1 dear friend.It seemed as if d poem shd nt end.May ds poem n drim of urs come tru within d shortest posible tym!

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