Heart Vs. Head

You always know how to put a smile on my face
You always say the right words
You’re always there to listen to my ramblings
But we don’t dance to the same tune from the fiddle…

He never picks my calls
Then he wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me about his day
I laugh and giggle uncontrollably
I’m sad when he says, “Sleep sweet”

You came to my luncheon
And amidst the crowd,
I saw you standing beside me and whispering,
“You were brilliant”
Then you gave me the most beautiful roses I have ever seen
If only you knew I preferred lilies instead…

He sent a text three days later
He had forgotten about my luncheon
He had been busy, a word I hear a bit too often
I forgave him
Like I always do

All you heard was a cough
And you came rushing,
Before the first sign of fever
With fruits and cards
I couldn’t help but smile…

He came to see me once
But the moment he walked through the door
I felt a dose of energy enter with him
I felt better instantly
The nurses wondered what magic tricks he pulled out of hat

You make me warm in my chest
But he makes my heart skip beats
You are every girl’s dream come true
But he’s the one I see in my dreams
With you, I share my aspirations
With him, we paint the perfect picture
My head tells me you’re the right one
But my heart can’t let him go

I heard about a prayer once
” I may not marry the man I love,
But I pray I love the man I marry”
I’m here sitting in my couch
Wondering what to do
Then I hear your car horn
You’re here, always on time
I run to meet you at the front door
But I’m stopped in my tracks by another horn
He’s here too!
And he’s walking to my front door
I guess this is the moment of truth we’ve all been waiting for.


35 Comments Add yours

  1. vixenpixie says:


  2. Probablu the best thing uve ever written rolayo! Beautiful!

    1. Sola!!! I’m glad you liked it! I have to improve on my writing o!

  3. This is just too perfect! Just what most girls pass thru and u just gave d exact description.

  4. Mz_Tee says:

    This is so beautiful:D. Loved every bit of it. Actually read it over and over

    1. UH!!! I’m glad you did. Always my pleasure

  5. dammydaisy says:

    Hmmmm, I see…. Head vs Heart Brouhaha

  6. kaycleb says:

    Nice 1,rolayo!

  7. Rolling in the Deep.

  8. Tinuola says:

    Crazy Stupid Love

  9. brainiac says:

    rolayo pls continue am lovin it..dnt end lk this?

  10. bishop matthew tobiloba obisesan says:

    Tis perfect babe,more ink to ya pen…..

  11. ogungbile seun says:

    i love rolly..*dancing*..awesome

  12. GT says:

    I’ve heard ds story ova n ova frm ma friends but u crafted it into such a beautifl piece. brilliant,babe!

  13. Ritzie says:

    I’m so here right now. 😦

    Beautiful writing. Well done!

  14. Oreoluwa says:

    Baby, this is awesome. Wow! Fantanstico! Proud of u babes

    1. *surprised look* Ore read my blog! She just made my day

  15. kaycee says:

    i was lookin 4 d continuation! sweet piece…u must provide a solution for d problem u’v created!lol…

  16. laolu says:

    Wow! This is beautiful.

  17. Bisi says:

    I love this!

  18. Bisi says:

    Love this!

  19. aBKy says:

    Yeah…think I agree with shola…think this is the best you have written so far. Its pretty good.

  20. Ejike Okoro says:

    it’s a nice piece

  21. Bimpe Modder says:

    Lovely flow of a dilemma. Perfect ending. Good job niece.

  22. Rolly, u’re just the best…. this piece is Beautiful

  23. Hadassah says:

    Nice piece of writing. I love the imagination. Great work. Keep it up

  24. Amos says:

    Crazy i tell u,such a pity to d you guy,d he guy has it,wow,nice piece…

  25. mcnierdy says:

    I love this piece.

  26. pebbles says:

    wow..i love this…

  27. Mss Frances says:

    There r so many fings on my mind that I want to write, but in summary,it was BEAUTIFUL

  28. MzS_Pam says:

    Crazy freaky love 🙂

  29. amethyst says:

    this is almost every girls situation such beautiful writing

  30. lawanif says:

    This is lovely,am glad you still write beautifully.

    1. I’m glad you still think so Funke. Thanks , I really appreciate this

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