Four Strips

Hi People!
I’m going a bit out of my zone for this new post. The idea behind this story was originally my friend Dammy’s., but I decided to add a few bits here and there and I came up with this. You can find some of her works on her blog :
I hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to leave your comments too.
Happy Reading
************************************June 2000

She lay on her bed replaying the events of last night, slowly a naughty smile formed on her lips. It was their third time, and Ben told her in his husky voice,”You get better every time”. Those words had made her night. Her week in fact, considering the recent squabbles she had been having with her mother.
Sometimes she wondered if the woman was really her mother or she got swapped in the hospital. But then, the mirror always proved her wrong. The resemblance they shared was unmistakable.
The woman had been on her case in recent times. If it wasn’t her hair that was outrageous, then she would complain about her not studying hard enough. It wasn’t totally her fault that she had not passed her ‘O’-level exams after three attempts. Well, she was in for a surprise when Ben comes to ask for her hand in marriage. She was certain. And soon she would be out of her house.

Gold stood in front of the baby cot. Slowly, she traced the steel railings unconsciously as tears dropped. The family gynaecologist had been kind with words, “Not this time around. But we can’t lose hope”. She had to deliver heart-breaking news to Tade again. She had been certain that this was it, her instincts lied. After 10 years and still no cry when he comes back from work. They had tried over and over again.
Slowly, she wiped her tears. She could feel the eyes of a certain couple on her. She mumbled a quick congratulations as she made her way out of the baby shop. One day, she told herself, she would be back for that cot.

Aquamarine still had the “honeymoon” glow when she walked into her office that Monday morning. Even her usually grumpy boss commented on how happy she looked. Well, she just spent the best two weeks of her life with her husband. “Her husband”, she was still getting used to the sound of it.
“So we should start planning the society baby-shower, abi?”. Trust Ada to always ask the questions. “Not so soon”. She and Korede had discussed children a few times during courtship and they had agreed to devote at least two years to themselves before diapers and baby food became a topic of discussion.

Her wedding plans were sailing smoothly, better than she had expected. Her gown had been shipped, the invitation cards had been sent out, all hands were on deck for her fairy-tale beginning. The hands of people whose faces she couldn’t look at anymore.
How was she going to come out and explain this hideous ill-luck? The one thing she had saved for her wedding night had been snatched from her, along with her dignity. Who would she tell?
Kunmi walked into the room just then, interrupting her stream of thoughts. Pearl starred at him with glazed eyes.
“Honey, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I was just thinking about how overwhelming the past few months have been. ”
He took her into his arms, and his familiar scent swept her thoughts and silenced her conscience. It wasn’t a lie after all. Overwhelming didn’t even start to explain what she had been through.

(To be continued…)


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  1. Nimi says:

    How would you not finish this story at once ehn? Since when did you start doing to be continued?! So when do we get the continuation?

  2. Jidé says:

    Hmmm… Don’t let the continuation be tey o! Good piece of writing, but you know that already

  3. omotooke says:

    Geez!!! Thanx 4 d acknowledgement… 😀 and we have set d ball rolling

  4. Tinuola says:

    I said it! 2012 is gonna be AWESOME!
    Crackalaking! Woa! Nice! Im hooked already.
    Love ur style of writing! Welcome to the dark side!

  5. Ehisvendata says:

    Rolayo dis is really nice….bt stp hanging us in the air

  6. Chi'Nwuba says:

    First tyme I reading anything by you…this is good…really good…Hope I don’t have to wait too long for the sequel…two thumbs up

  7. Effie says:

    Some people go to school to be good writers. You, my dear, are just talented! Kudos.

  8. ti says:

    How can u not finish dis story!!! Now I ve 2 subscribe so I don’t miss the concluding part! Nice work, so many women……

  9. kaycee says:

    u’ve come again, Rolayo! where’s d end? very lovely story dear…thanks

  10. Lift this suspense, my dear, and get it rolling…

  11. Bisi says:

    *jumping* my Rolly is getting better and better every time! Lolz!,continue d story jor….

  12. Bimpe Modder says:

    Good job, keep it coming…

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