Four Strips [Pt. 2]

Hi People! Here’s the second part of the story I started last week. I hope you enjoy it.
P.S. : Please constructive criticism will be appreciated. Just leave it in the comment box. Thanks.

Thank God her mother had planned for 500 guests instead of the original 300 the families had agreed on. How would they have catered for such a large crowd? She couldn’t have dreamed of a more befitting wedding. This was what all the tabloids referred to as a society wedding and SHE, Ruby Omogoriola Hassan was the bride. She knew her parents would come around, most especially her father. Ben looked the happiest though…

Her mother was right. As always. The strip she was holding snapped her back to reality. She wondered how far gone she was though. Three weeks? A month?
It all didn’t matter anyway. All she had to do was tell Ben and get the ball rolling.
As for the suspicious looks from her mum, she would deal with that later, she was going to show her how lucky she was to have a smart daughter like her. .

She had assumed that the recent dizziness and weakness was as a result of the stress she had been putting herself through. The wedding was in two months and she still had a lot to do. She was so appalled when her best friend Halima had suggested with a mischievous smile that she should have a pregnancy test.
Here she was, in her own little toilet, with the truth in her hands. She was certain it wasn’t Kunmi’s. The truth left more than a bad taste in her mouth.
She was carrying the child of a faceless person. A hollow laugh escaped her lips accompanied by the rumble of her tummy.
She rubbed it and stared at herself in the mirror. Even her reflection confirmed her deepest fears.

She tugged another strand of grey from her temples. Another sign of how time wasn’t being fair to her. She had everything a woman her age could dream of- a loving husband, a house she could call her own, and her firm was standing strong. But the one thing she wanted, she couldn’t afford, and even if she could, what market would she buy a child from?
She had started considering other options- adoption, in-vitro fertilization, but Tade wasn’t too excited about any of the ideas. He wanted his own child the conventional way. The only thing she wanted was to make him happy. He deserved that much after all he had been through for her sake.

She collapsed on the toilet seat. She was pregnant just like she had feared. She had planned to start taking the pills next month. She didn’t think it would happen this soon.
She wasn’t ready for this child. She wanted her baby to have everything she never had- quality education, decent neighborhood, perfect childhood. But how was she going to afford all that now?
They were living in Korede’s two-bedroom apartment, and it was cozy for them but an addition to the family would mean a bigger apartment.
And her career! What was going to happen to it? She was just beginning to get a hang of it and now she was going to have to step back for a while to nurse this child. The thoughts kept coming and she started to feel sick. She threw-up in her mother’s marble sink. She didn’t hear the door knob turn. She felt the familiar warmth of her mother’s palm on her neck. She knew she had to spill her guts.

She had seen this scene severally in movies but she still found it incomprehensible. Ben was denying paternity, calling her all sorts of names, and feigning knowledge of their affair. She couldn’t let him get away with this. He should at least take responsibility for his actions. If she was surprised at his initial reaction, she definitely didn’t expect what came after…
The last thing she felt was the throbbing pain where her head hit the trash can. Ben had beaten her to a pulp and then kicked her down a flight of stairs. She was slowly losing consciousness in a pool of her own blood. As she drifted off, she uttered a prayer not to lose her life and that of her unborn child.

(To be continued…)


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  1. Women and their considerations have always been a mystery to me. Nancy Friday offered me an insight: What a woman says, does and thinks are different at every point in time.
    Nicely done. Feels ‘honest and true’…like most human experience. Lemme know when you’re done with the next installment.

  2. aBKy says:

    Come na…what is with all the suspense? Let’s know how far. When do we get part 3?

  3. dr giggles says:

    The joy n fear of the blue strip! Nice! ILike!

  4. omotooke says:

    Yummy…. Buh na wa for Gold’s husband… Msscchhhheeeeeewwwww!!!! It’s only in Africa you’ll find men still chilling for conventional methods after how many yrs. As for that ruby… I hope she doesn’t die, buh deep within, I dunno if I want d child to survive. Great job hun

  5. Ogenna says:

    One word; goosebumps.

  6. Ehisvendata says:


  7. Bimpe Modder says:

    Getting better. keep flowing…

  8. laolu says:

    U get better every time u put pen to paper or fingers to keys, whichever one u do. Keep going love. I’m feeling it

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