Four Strips: Conclusion


*Whew* I can hear your “sighs” from here and I’m glad to be concluding this, after much ado if I must say. Thanks for staying with me and not dozing off too many times. Oh, and R.I.P. Whitney Houston.



She was back where she started- broke, pregnant and confused. Just when she thought fortune had finally smiled on her, fate just had to be kind to someone else. That Gold woman was probably really nice and she deserved a child more than she did. She was left with the only choice she had ultimately tried to avoid in the first place- an abortion. But how was she going to be able to afford a good clinic? If there was ever a time she wished she had that rainy-day fund her  mum always talked about, it was now.


She had finally summoned the courage to tell Korede about her fears. If she thought she knew the man she married, she had been wrong all along. She slowly watched as the reaction on his face changed from utter disbelief to extreme joy.  He whisked her in his arms and sang songs in his croaky voice. What had she been worrying about all along? If Korede said everything was going to be fine, then everything was going to be fine.


She had never seen Tade this way in all her 15years of knowing him. There was even a new spring in his step when he walked. It was like a new person had been born. If carrying his child could bring him so much joy, she wondered what he would do when he finally got to hold… 

The scan just confirmed that she was going to be the mother of a set of twins. She was definitely done questioning how God works.


Her encounter with that girl at the abortion clinic had been a turning point for her. She couldn’t believe she could open up to a complete stranger that way, it just felt so right. She had heard about a lot of teenage pregnancies, but this one struck her differently. The way she walked into the reception and commanded so much attention, she still had an air of confidence in the room where shame and grief replaced the air. But one look in her eyes and Pearl could see that she was scared stiff, and when she asked her for a pen, she took that as her cue.

Slowly, they told each other their stories,passing hankies when the tears rolled and each giving the other hope. Who initiated the “walk of change”, she may never know, but later that night when she cried in Kunmi’s arms she was grateful for that young girl who had turned out to be the “ruby” she was born to be.
Now she knows why God gave her this man cause she definitely did not deserve him.
“I promised to stand by you Pearl, and I am upset that you didn’t tell me soon enough. Maybe we could have worked something out.
But a promise is still a promise, and I love you regardless. We’ll nurture this child together Pearl. We’re in this together.”


3rd MARCH 2001-

” A busy ward we have here today Nurse Titi”. Little did he know about how busy the day was going to get. Just curtains separated four mothers who fate had brought together. The Bakares’ twins were born a few weeks early, but that couldn’t mar their happiness…

Ruby held her dad’s hand as her mum cooed her newborn. He walked right through the door the moment she needed him most. When the doctors said she was going to have to undergo a caeserian section because of her small pelvis, all she could do was weep. Nothing ever went right in her life, and she couldn’t even afford the bill. After confessing to her mother about everything including the stolen cash, she couldn’t believe the woman could still love her again. But again, fate had it all planned out. The Bakares had also been a blessing, especially when Mr. Bakare found out that she was pregnant for his brother. Her mistake had turned out to be blessing in disguise…


September 2011

Dear Mummy,

Boarding house is better than I thought it would be. Damilola always tells everyone that Tamilore, she and I are triplets, but I always tell the truth that she’s out cousin but we were born on the same day. They all think its cute. But I still miss home though. Visiting day is in two weeks and I have attached the list of things I want you bring. Mummy, guess what? I have made two new friends,just like you said I would. But you won’t believe the best part, we are all birthday mates, we are thinking of calling ourselves “The 3-3 crew”. Cool right? ..


This story is dedicated to all our mothers who had us despite all odds and gave us the chance to have brighter tomorrows. We appreciate you and we hope we never give you a reason to regret your decisions. We love you.

***THE END***


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  1. Effie says:

    You couldn’t have ended it better.You have a beautiful talent Rolayo, make the best of it!

  2. omotooke says:

    *weepie*.. I love happy endings….

  3. BankyPhoenix says:

    This is simply beautiful :’)

  4. Ogenna says:

    Again! Goosebumps! Goose-fucking-bumps. Wonderful ending to a beautiful story.

  5. Amos says:

    Creative i must say,mehn…thumbs up lady,cheers.

  6. Folabi says:

    Its beautiful. 🙂

  7. Bimpe Modder says:

    Finally found the time to give your story the attention it deserves. Love the endings, but don’t be scared to have sad endings too, Life sometimes dishes us that, both happy and sad endings have lessons to teach us. keep doing what you are doing, it gives joy to a lot of people.

    1. Thanks aunty. I actually considered a different ending a few weeks back… but its a bit too late to put it up now so I guess I ‘ll have to do that for my next story. Thanks for always stopping by. You are appreciated.

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