Her Story

He was the best thing that ever happened to me
He made my life worth living
He made my days brighter
And my world better just by being in it
I thought he would bring me the contentment I could never find in any other man- my father and all my ex-es
I was wrong

I over-looked the signs
His muscles flexing at the young chap who waited our table at the Chinese restaurant,
The slight twitch of his upper lip every time we had an argument
The fire in his eyes when he got mad
I always thought I could find safety in those arms
I thought wrong

He came home upset today
I tried everything I knew how to do
Even micro waving his freshly prepared food just to ensure it was steaming hot just the way he liked it
I served his meal in his favourite plate
The plate that became his weapon
He said I didn’t courtesy after placing the vegetable soup on the table
He cursed my mother for not training me well
The plate missed my head narrowly and smashed our photograph on the wall
The one we took years back on campus…
The sound of the picture frame on the ground signalled the beginning of bad days to come

Five years, three miscarriages and several trips to the emergency ward after
I’m still with him
Why? I can’t justify myself
My parents say its a taboo to leave my matrimonial home
My pastor says divorce is against the Bible
My best friend tells me it happens in almost every marriage
Only Segun feels my pain…

Segun who rushed me to the hospital when he came back from work to meet me in a pool of my blood
Segun who stayed by my bedside the whole week I spent recuperating
Segun who told me stories I never heard
About how their late father beat up their mother several times in the presence of all the children
Segun… A brother to my husband but a saviour to me

He called me a “whore”
He denied all my babies that he had killed
But I didn’t cry or whimper like other times
I just stared at him
I stared straight into his soul
I guess that infuriated him more
He brought out his pen knife and I knew the end had arrived
But something in me snapped
And I fought back
But I was no match for him
I felt his knife go into my back
I prayed…

He’s on his knees
Holding my fractured wrist
I wince in pain
He’s begging, pleading, asking me not to leave
Promising to attend anger-management classes
I look at him and my heart whispers words I can’t comprehend
I still love him, as crazy as it felt
Maybe he wasn’t the devil after all
And everyone deserved second chances…

I didn’t want the alimony
But the judge gave it to me anyway
My lawyer wanted to put him in jail for attempted murder
But all I wanted was a divorce
All I needed was my sanity
The attorneys went back and forth about justice being served
I just wanted the marriage annulled

I saw the fire in his eyes
The same one he always had before he pounced on me
But this time, I saw something else
I saw defeat
Something in me leapt for joy
I felt guilty

Segun sat at the back of the courtroom
He was there throughout the court proceedings
Thank God for bringing him that night to save me
I knew he was in love with me
But I couldn’t give him back what he wanted
I loved him too
But I would never love him as much as I loved his brother

I walked out the courtroom with a spring in my steps
I looked at the sky and thanked my maker
I didn’t have anything- no husband, no child, no family
But I had life
And hope
Hope and life… That’s all I need
This time, I was right.


23 Comments Add yours

  1. dammydaisy says:

    @ tinu, it’s not funny joohh, Rolayo great ending, buh he shd have been put away for attempted murder…. All dese useless men dese days that are possessed by things even the devil is scared off…

  2. Jide says:

    I hope it really didn’t happen o.Domestic violence is a serious matter. It is my desire that one day in my country, we would have legislation that would mete out serious punishment to cowardly men who can beat only their wives. But I also think women should ‘shine their eye’ wella. There are usually give away signs. If he man is unnecessarily aggressive towards other people, it’s just a matter of time before she picks on you to. Nice work Dr. R

  3. kaykay Oyegun says:

    Rily Touching! A must read!

  4. Tinuola says:

    @ Dami ! I wasnt laughing at this story
    But the one she wrote last night which was
    A prelude to this cuz i knew it was gonna be an
    Interesting read! So pls!
    And thank God I was not disappointed! It was
    An incredible read!

  5. olumide farinre says:

    Heartwarmin. Sure brings tears 2 my very eyes. Perfectique!

  6. folahanlash says:

    Which kin love!!! God forbid that anyone I know falls in love with such devils living in human skin. Beautiful work sha! Nature and nurture at work! Feel like it should go into drama sef! (y) 😉

  7. 47 says:

    Lovely piece as always. A tad sad tho.
    Lingering love. LoL.

  8. kaycee says:

    it’s very nice… i am beginnin to believe that its deeper than what we think that holds babes to abusive bloke. so in the first place, do not fall in love with the wrong guy! thanks dear

  9. Adeoluwa says:


  10. Michael Osondu says:

    Nice, I like the concept…real life issues displayed in a simple yet captivating piece of literature, keep it up!

  11. Bisi says:

    Enthralling as always

  12. I liked it. I really did like it.
    You getting better with each writing.

  13. Bimpe Modder says:

    Nice. apt to read on women’s day, which is the day I read it. keep it up niece.

  14. Amos says:

    Mehn,crazy brutal men,i wonder why dey don’t get to marry dier likes,so d house goes ablaze…keep it up

  15. wura says:

    hmm,God help us dat we women never fall into wrong hands. I also think we all nid 2 luk at d stuffs we grew wth and ensure we retain d gud and trash d bad. Interesting and an eye opener,thumbs up

  16. Victor says:

    My kip praying. God wil gv u al u ask.

  17. AKK says:

    Beautiful piece rolly… I hv 2 say…u keep finding ways 2 pleasantly surprise me. Lovely, though sad story. If I catch dat man ehn?! (nonsense men dat give us bad rep!)

  18. Ade-oduntan Adedamola says:

    ……..this is lovely….touching….and captivating i must say. A really nice piece…

  19. Luvdayo says:

    The paradox of abuse! We all need to take action against domestic violence which is more rampant than we are ready to admit.

  20. supoadesina says:

    Nice write up!!!!it kips getting better…but I just have a question….??is it possible for a man to hide all these traits(the ones the bad hubby has) without showing signs of some of them while in courtship?…

    1. moi says:

      @supoadesina, yes it is. Most especially if they didn’t court for a long time… @our iyawo*winks, very lovely one… Yea, dunno why women fall victim of this but they do.. Any man whose anger feels scary is capable of meting out such abusive acts on a woman… God help women.. Above all, emotions must never be allowed to cover reality..

  21. oyinkansola says:

    *misty eyes*

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