This was written for me by someone really special. I’ll advice you grab a box of tissue…Enjoy!

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Listening to Don’t Wake Me by Skillet in this reading room trying to read some haematology. See, I have this exam in about three months and I really need to read, seriously. My mum will freak out if she sees another post from because she has been begging me to put off my writing till after the exam. But I have to write this one.

The song I’m listening to is a ballad about somebody’s lost love one, I’m wondering how it applies to what I’m about to write and I realise EVERYTHING.

Some months ago, actually August last year, some colour in the form of you was added to our room and our lives. Vese and I had known you were coming, so we cleared a little portion of our wardrobes for you, I cleared under my bed because somehow I suspected you’d show up with a lot of…

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