Too Late…

“We broke up”
The thunder punctuated his words
I laughed in my heart
But my masked face told a different story
I patted his back in solidarity
A sign that I’ll always be here

“I should get contacts though, the rain always gets my glasses blurred”
I can’t believe she said that out loud
Here I was pouring out my heart to her
And she was complaining about her eye-sight!
I walked back to my dorm seething
Hoping some Michael Bublé would cheer me up

It’s hard for me to do this
Watch him heartbreak after heartbreak
But it was his fault though,
He has good taste in everything- food, music, clothes but when it came to the ladies, he always got it wrong
Maybe one day he’ll realise that what he’s searching for has always been here
Right in front of him

Her name is Sara
But I preferred calling her “Sorrow”
I made a mental note never to call her that out loud
I wasn’t going to lose my best friend cause of some girl who wouldn’t be here for more than a few months
I flashed her my perfect smile
She’s intimidated by me
I can smell it all over her

He had not called in two weeks
I was beginning to get worried
But he called today
He’s missing me already
And he wants to see me
Maybe he has finally come to his senses
I’m giddy
I play Vanessa Williams'”Save The Best For Last” on my iPod…

I spotted him immediately
I had to control myself from running
Then I saw the look on his face
He lit up when he saw me coming
But I could sense the underlying sadness from a few feet away
What was wrong?

She was in for a surprise
I knew she liked Sara from the first day I introduced them to each other
But I still had mixed feelings about breaking the news to her
I always had one news or the other to break
All I had to do was give her a dial, and she’d come running.

I put my hand over his and begged him to tell me all about it
Another heartbreak?
But why would he break such bad news in Caffe Tranche?
He had always been hard to read but this time it was a Herculian’s task

“We are engaged.”


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Bisi says:

    Omg! This was not d endin i was hoping for *nice!short and engaging* on point!

  2. 0latoxic says:


    Won’t let my words spoil yours. All I’m saying is…


  3. Tinuola says:

    *spits on floor. Guys like that suck!
    Good short piece.

  4. kaycee says:

    wo, bestie, u bera sharp up and move on… or wait and slap him when he finally asks you! lol.. sweet piece dear, ain’t alien at all

  5. Sewuese says:

    Lovely twist in the tale! I think this is your best piece yet! Keep it up babes!

  6. Goke says:

    had to read ds twice to b sure d gist sank.I’m glad it’s time well spent…ds is really awesome…all i gotta say is ‘kip it up!’

  7. Bimpe Modder says:


  8. demola says:

    the back and forth;him and her thingy..that’s a really smart 1..and of course, it’s a really sad story that happens every other day..a ‘classic’ in good old uncle life!

  9. Phoenicia Nnodim says:

    Always hold your head up high

  10. akinwande44 says:

    Christ! That is just wrong, Rolly! Why did you do that to me… Great piece, nice twist, keep it coming gal!

  11. Effie says:

    OK! I love this one… well done madame!

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