Waiting For You


I’m sitting here

Waiting for you

On this rusty chair

I just sit and stare

The lady with the dog has greeted me a couple of times too many

I guess she’s looking for a new friend

I might need one too

But first, I have to see you

That’s why I ‘m here

Waiting for you


Maybe when we see

You’ll tell me what went wrong

Why everything has fallen apart

And nothing seems to fit anymore

You’ll answer all the questions that might haunt me forever

And hold me in your arms

While we cry together

Then we’ll sit in silence for a few more hours

Maybe the last we’ll ever share

The peace it’ll give me is enough

Just seeing your face and touching it once more

That’s why I’m here

Sitting in this chair

Waiting for you


The raindrops land slowly on my feet

In perfect sync with one that dropped on my forehead

The rhythm and pattern

A harmonious tune

As I reminisce…

The days when we shared ice-cream from a cup

Cutting your toe-nails while you winced in pain

The pictures we painted together

We were amateurs

But to us, they were master-pieces

This old rusty chair and all our secrets it shares

That’s why I’m here

Waiting for you


The sun is out

The poodles have all dried up

“Evaporation” they call it

I sit here and wonder

If that’s what happened to our love

Or was it just a mirage

It’s been six hours

Guess it’s just like they say

“No matter how long it rains,

The sun will definitely shine again”

It’s time for me to go

What we had I leave in the past

I wish things didn’t turn out this way

But it’s time for me to say good-bye

I stand and dust my worn-out jeans

My tears are dry

There’s no need for them anymore


I turn to take my leave

And there you are

Soaked in your clothes

Maybe it’s gray,

Maybe the rainbow is out

I don’t care

Cause you’re finally here

The reason I’ve been sitting in this chair

‘”I’ve been waiting for you”


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Phylix says:

    Okay, I will not lie. This is pretty awesome. Great piece of work you have here.. especially the ending. Wasn’t what I was expecting, so the twist was a good thing. 🙂

  2. amos says:

    woooooow,dat was a master piece,seriously i bliv it high time u step ur game up,cos u have ds writing skills within u.wow,thank God he showd up…hmmm,….smiles

  3. 47 says:

    Nice one. Happy ending-ish.

  4. abky12 says:

    Nice one. Really nice. 😀

  5. devone07 says:

    This was beautifilly written! Thumbs up!

  6. dhistorian says:

    So you are my kind of writer, that is so cool, lovely word combinations, *applause

  7. Tinuola says:

    Its amazing the work you do
    When you set your mind to it.
    This is esquisite……
    Reminds me of ‘having a coke with you’
    Def one of my favs from you.

  8. olamidecraig says:

    Two Thumbs Up!
    Great piece dear! How are you?

    1. Uh! Thanks so much! I’m doing good. Really nice to hear from you!

  9. Ronke says:

    Okay, I have got to say…NICE!!I could practically see myself in the words!lol…plus I was reading it while listening to a deeply emotional song so the effect was pretty powerful. 😀

  10. omotooke says:

    Ok kidding, really beautiful, cudnt help singing Celine Dion’s song as I was reading

  11. Ejike Okoro says:

    it’s a very nice piece. I like d end.

  12. cudn’t stop my mouth 4rm creasing @ d edges…or a huge mist 4ming around my eyes(okay,maybe dat part isn’t true-bt seriously, D gal isn’t d only one dat heaved dat sigh…).One word-WHAO!

  13. Daramz says:


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