Letting Go

Hi People,

So I haven’t written anything like this in a while, but I just had to share. What I want to talk about is something we hear about all the time, and I’m sure we preach about too -FORGIVENESS.

Yes, roll your eyes, yawn,but before you click that red button at the top of your screen, ask yourself the question “Am I REALLY a “forgiver”?” Before tonight, my answer would have been NO with no remorse. I guess I’ve gotten so used to this way of life, it doesn’t even bother me anymore. Then today in fellowship, my Pastor decided to nudge my heart and my conscience with this topic. I don’t know how many of you have had this experience when someone is talking about something and you feel like they are directing EVERY single word to you, then they look in your direction and your heart does a double(not the I-have-a-huge-crush-on-you kinda double but the how-does-he/she-know kinda double). Well I felt that way,and that inspired me to write this.

I have a HUGE problem with forgiving people who hurt me. I just don’t get why some people would do some things and not think about Karma and tomorrow and the fact that I would never do such a thing to them. So instead of dealing with them(no time) or telling them (not like they don’t know anyway), I just sulk, keep it in and sulk some more whenever I see them.

Sometimes, I forgive over and over again, and although I don’t have a maximum number of times, I just stop and build a wall around me. I’m not proud of the person I have become,and a good friend of mine has been trying to make me see the other side of the coin. Guess God decided to try another route, and it worked! Yes Father GOD, You got my attention this time.

Permit me to share a few scriptures with you.Matthew 18 vs. 13-33 tells us about the servant who owed his Lord a huge sum of money, and got forgiven and then went out and met another servant who was owing him one-tenth and he threw his fellow-servant in jail. Wicked guy, right? I used to be that person, and I am sure some of us have also found ourselves in similar situations. It’s hard forgiving people who hurt us, BUT it’s not impossible. If it were, we wouldn’t be asked to forgive.

Something else caught my attention, Mark 11 vs. 23-25 says if I don’t forgive, my prayers won’t be answered. Now that’s a stopper, cause my prayers are not gonna hang cause someone somewhere stepped on my toes and that person is out there living the life and I’m here.. NO WAY!

So here’s what I have decided to do,

1. I’ll be the better person. This is going to be really hard, it’ll require me swallowing a lot of my pride, and also making myself vulnerable to hurt again. But it’s worth it. For all I know, they don’t even know I am upset with them, they may not even remember hurting me.

2. For those people who keep annoying me and hurting me, *closing eyes tightly* I’ll pray for them. this is even harder than forgiving them, but I’ll do it. what’s the worst that could happen?Prayers don’t hurt anybody.

3. I’ll also make the best of every situation, and I’ll build character. *rubbing chin* Sounds good already.

Now, I didn’t say it would be easy, nothing really is, but I’ll take that huge step of faith, and I’ll be glad I did.

Beginning of this year, I made a list of the things that I wanted to change about myself. Top of my list was “my unforgiving spirit”. It took me this long and a lot of courage to get to this point, you could start your’s now.

If you can be forgiven,then you can forgive. There’s that awesome feeling when you do, like a huge rock has been removed from your chest, like you can actually breathe again. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s not just me. Maybe this was meant for you to read so you could let go of that grudge and end that 6-month malice. But whatever you chose, I trust you’ll make the best decision.

With that, I close and I am proud to say I am MOROLAYO WILLIAMS, I have been Forgiven and I am a FORGIVER.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. folahanlash says:

    I am reading this and its very emotional.. I am proud of you, really proud… And God is also. *wide smile*

  2. Ayo says:

    I totally do agree with all you have said and would like to say a few things especially to a line that caught my attention the most. Pride, according to proverbs 6:17 there are 7 things God hates the most and the top of that list is Pride. One who is too big or proud to forgive sins is definitely digging his or her grave…. Most of us recite the Lords prayer regularly and we say ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who sins against us’ it’s definitely the hardest thing to do but the right thing. Finally, the spirit of love should over shadow hatred, malice…..etc as it is the greatest commandment. You can be the best preacher of the word but without love, u going nowhere. Good to see u ticking that off ur list.

  3. neo says:

    Good for you if u stick to your resolutions.. Maybe the reason you get hurt is because you rely too much on people.. I don’t know if its a good trait but I rarely get disappointed when people do me wrong.. It has become a part of me not to totally trust people, we are humans and any1 could mess up at anytime. I have a feeling that my approach isn’t the best but it sure saves me from heartbreaks all the time..

  4. cumical says:

    Freaking awesome.

  5. Opeyemi says:

    Ds is a nice piece& its worth reading over&over again.God bless you real good

  6. omotooke says:

    #rollingeyes @ d 1st commenter… Ma dia, eez abt tym. So happy 4 u. Letting go just brings abt a glow that brings the sun so low… Ok #dustyarning… Bye

  7. kaycee says:

    babe, this is so good… thanks. may i add one to your list? 4. I’ll tell them they hurt me when they do. Maybe not for everyone but its ok to tell someone- i dont like what you did. (i’m really learning how to do so myself)…

  8. kaycee says:

    babe, this is nice. May i add one to your list? 4. I’ll tell them they’ve hurt me when they do. Maybe not everybody but some, its not wrong to say- ‘i dont like what you did’. I’m learnin that part too… thanks

  9. bigggboyega says:

    forgiveness is key!

  10. Bimpe Modder says:

    Nice piece Rolly. Forgiveness is hard when we try to do it on our own, I actually think it is ALMOST impossible. God gave us memories to protect us. But with the help of Christ in us, we see the other person from God’s perspective, that we are as unworthy as the girl/boy next door, and that if we love Him who commands us to forgive, and we ask him to help us to do so, His command will be made easy ‘cos He will equip us. By ourselves we can do nothing, but we can do all things through Christ.
    By the way, I have learnt not to rob myself of any joy even if I’m highly irritated, no one should take my joy away, so I deal with mild irritant that way.
    Life is like a porcupine dance, we can never dance without pricking one another and if you’ve never been pricked then you have never danced. Who wants a relationship that is so fragile you have to treat each other like eggs? That is not rich, that is not life, closeness is built by the painful hurts in relationships, those who rise above that enjoy something others only dream of.
    When Christ asked us to forgive it is for us to have an abundant life, because He knows that our relationships are shallow otherwise. Those who exercise forgiveness in their lives enjoy a freedom, one can only experience to know of it.
    Have a lovely day Niece. It is always a pleasure reading your piece. Love you much:)

  11. amos says:

    hmmmm,6 month malice,4real….mehn in life u probably need a neighbour 2 go thru it,nd d ones u need are d ones u end up vexin 4 smtyms,so u jst need d 4given spirit 2 keep walkin 2geda…u’v got 2 ova look alot of tins nd 4get bout ur ego….2 u rolayo e go beta.

  12. noYeats says:

    I am forgiven and I’m a forgiver. I forgive ‘cos I was first forgiven, and from this moment onwards, I am slow to wrath.

  13. Akin44 says:

    Morolayo…as usual, u never disappoint me. I completely agree…isn’t it funny the way God gets our attention. Good choices madea (chuckling)…LOVE….

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can so relate to this. From personal experience, it truly feels good when u forgive someone (esp when u’v been holding them dwn for so long). Let me add that you CAN’T do it without GOD!!!!

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