It’s my birthday!!!
Yup! Yup!! I’m excited! I’m allowed to be! It’s just one day in 365!
I have wonderful friends. Scratch that!
I have AWESOME friends! I have been shown so much love today and its not even noon yet!
*wondering how many exclamation marks I’ve used already*
(That’s one for every year of my life)
Ok, I didn’t decide to put up a post so y’all can hear all about my day. I’m not that vain. Ok?

I saw a birthday post a while ago and I liked the idea so I decided to try it.
You, my loving reader, will be doing me a little favour.
I want you to write, in the comment box:
1. ONE thing you like about me
2. ONE thing you don’t like about me, and you want me to change
Think and decide wisely, cause you get just ONE chance.
Thank you!
And thank you for always stopping by.

Take a minute today to thank God my life.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. folahanlash says:

    One thing I like….guess you know like 18 already…
    One thing I don’t like and I hope would change….still thinking, would write it before the end of the day.
    Happy birthday dear

  2. mzloulette says:

    LOL opporTUnitay! *chuckle*
    I like how amazing you are at cooking. Actually, I’m slightly jealous of your abilities. Die.
    I do not like your tongue! O_o you say the most painful things without realising it, it seems. So. There.
    Have a happy birthday, Rolayo. And for goodness’ sake tell them to steal someone else’s blackberry. Ahn. Is it only you??

  3. Thelma says:

    I don’t know you that much, but I like that you are really smart and you write incredibly.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. noYeats says:

    1) One thing I like- That you love exceedingly and laugh freely.
    2) One thing I dislike-… Brb.

  5. Olayinka M says:

    1 thing I like…dats hard cos I like lots a things. I’d summarize by saying ur personalty

    What I don’t like…Nothing comes 2 mind but I’d say you should make it a priority to know what God thinks about u always; this way u will blossom and become the best u possibly could be

    Happy Birthday dear, lots of love

  6. Olaoye opeyemi says:

    One thing i like about you is ur stature, bt i tin i dont like about u is that you r that nutcracker called ayo’s brother…happy bday n av a blast…..

  7. 0latoxic says:

    Aww, I wonder what blog you got that amazing ideo from… ( ._.)

    Many, many happy returns, Rolayo. May His grace and favour continually shine upon you. May His wisdom continually blossom within you. May He present to you the man that is good and perfect for you and help you see it enough to know also. Happy Birthday, dear.

    One thing I like about you: that despite the busy life of a medical student you have, you opened this really great blog.

    One thing I don’t like about you: that you don’t post on it nearly regularly enough 😐

    Happy Birthday again, dear. God bless you

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