Love Conquers All

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Why would she put up two posts in one day?”. Well.. this was sort of an assignment and I decided to share it with you guys, majorly cause I want to hear your criticism and also for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

N.B.: Thank you Jibola 🙂


“Love conquers all”

She almost willed it to life

In all her days, it never really made sense to her

It was just some blue luminescent plaque that hung above the dining table as they ate their meals

Now she knew what love was, but she wasn’t sure what battle she was fighting

Funny how you find the perfect guy

Right sense of humor, perfect goals, heart-stoppingly- fine

And just when you start thanking God for sending you a soul mate better than anyone you could have picked

You find out it’s not meant to be

Not cause of any sin in your past but for the fear of the future

She always thought herself to be in perfect health conditions

No disorders, no allergies, no systemic disease

Not even bad eye-sight!

And then, the little living cells in her body have to be the obstacle between her and the man of her dreams

His parents were both doctors

But they died in a car crash when he was five

The family friends who adopted him as one of their own never bothered about his genotype

He never gave them cause to worry

Instead he brought them a lot of joy and peace

He graduated top of his class, got a good job with an IT firm

But he wasn’t ready to take the next big step required of him

Then he met Solape,

And all the reservations he had about settling down melted away like the ice in his cognac

Diluting his fears and worries

And willing him to think of the life called “happily ever after”

He was spellbound, something none of his ex-es had been able to do

The fact that she was the daughter of his father’s best man confirmed to all and sundry that it was a match made in heaven

Everything had been going smoothly, well some hitches here and there

But they were just bumps in the road

Then Solape insisted that they start marriage counseling after he proposed to her

There they required test results of various kinds

Both of them had no fear considering there was no previous medical history of concern, except for the usual malaria attack which wasn’t a big deal in their part of the world

When the STI and retroviral tests came back negative,

They exhaled, but the tense look on the doctor’s face told them it wasn’t over yet

“Well as you already know Miss Solape’s genotype is AS, from the hemoglobin electrophoresis test we carried out, we were able to confirm that. We also found out that Mr. Olumide here is also AS”

The silence that came after was deafening

The doctor went on dishing out medical advice

Most of which he wasn’t listening to

But he didn’t miss his last words

“I would advise strongly that both of you don’t have children together as there is a 25% chance that at each one of them would have sickle cell disease”

She was familiar with the condition

She lost her colleague a few months ago

Twenty six short years

She had not healed completely from that loss

And here she was about to go through another loss

She felt her heart slowly break from the hurt and tears she would shed in the nearest future

“Sola dear, Mrs. Thompson just called to ask about the aso-oke color again. She said she will come over during the weekend with a color palate so we could pick the shades of gray we would like. So call Olu too and tell him about it, abi he isn’t particular about what shade, once it is gray? Your father isn’t really a color person, most men are not.”

A part of her wanted to hold on to the truth for a little longer

As if hoping for a miracle and willing all her sickle-shaped erythrocytes to become biconcave

But another part of her was just bursting to share her dilemma with someone

So before she lost all the courage she had mustered up, she heard herself say,

“Mama, Olu’s genotype is AS”

The tears came then

Tears that she hadn’t not been able to shed but hung like bags beneath her eyes

Tears for her friend

Tears for her heartbreak

Tears for her unborn children

Tears for a past she couldn’t change

And for a future that looked like it would never happen

Inconsolable tears

He drank more these days

His friends thought he was finally getting a hang of it but his gradual withdrawal revealed there was something more beneath all he was letting out

These were his guys, but he still couldn’t bear to open up to them

Not like they would understand

None of them actually had a serious thing going on in terms of a relationship, except for Temi though

Temi was his cousin but he qualified better as a friend

The kind that they say sticks closer than a brother

After Temi had probed him one night on their way to the club, he finally let it all out

“What do you want to do now?”

“Honestly, I don’t know”

“You really love her, this Solape girl. She’s different from the others. Like she knows you, your past and she’s ready to share her life with you regardless”

“It’s just crazy. Like you spend all your life trying to do the right things, get a good job, put your head above water and stay out of trouble. I didn’t even want to get myself involved with any girl, then fate brought her along and everything seemed perfect and now this! Like fate was tempting me.”

“I don’t have the right words, or the right advice to give, but you’re a smart guy and I’m sure you’ll figure this one out. Just take your time. And I’m here if you ever need to talk”

“Thanks bro”

“How about Solape? How’s she reacting to all of this?”

“She’s as confused as I am. I don’t know if she has told her parents yet”

“I told them, Olu”

“Ok… what did they say?”

“They asked us to call the wedding off. Papa said he won’t watch his daughter subject herself to a life of misery. Not while he is still alive and he won’t give his blessings”


She had been getting a lot of this from him since that day at the clinic

It was killing her

Because she wanted to know his thoughts

She had feared that he would leave her, but she couldn’t read him or predict his actions cause that was all he gave her


Like words could change the situation they were in

She knew they would not

But she needed his words to soothe her

She needed him to tell her that everything would be fine

That they would make it through this

That they would have healthy children and live to ripe old age to carry their grandchildren

She needed him to say something

Anything at all

They say when you’re stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, which would you prefer?

He always thought the deep blue sea; a life boat could be sailing by

But this time, the devil and the deep blue sea looked just the same

He could either go ahead and marry the one true love he had and risk all the consequences

Or he could throw it all away, start afresh

Not like he knew what afresh entailed

Solape was his gift from GOD

There couldn’t be two of her in the world

She was perfect for him

He knew she needed him to be strong for her

But he was bracing himself for the worst

Now that her parents were involved, it could only go one way

Another unplanned good-bye was in tow

“When we got married, there was no one to counsel us about genotype and all the other blood related conditions. It was just family approval and we were madly in love. Everything went on well until I had my first child, your brother. Yes, I know this is the first time anyone of us is talking to you about it, but we felt it was best. We let by-gone be by-gone. He was a sickler and it was hard. All the love we had for him didn’t stop him from dying. His was a brief life, crisis frequently, joint pains, fever; it was heart wrenching to watch him because he didn’t bring it upon himself. He did nothing to deserve a life he had.   His yellow eyes always held this flicker of hope, a struggle to fight against all odds. But in the end, he lost the battle to the illness. I cried, your dad cried. It was when we found out about our genotypes and that Damilola had sickle cell disease. If we had discovered earlier, maybe we could have avoided it, maybe we would have saved ourselves the heartache.

I got pregnant again, and I was terrified. I just couldn’t go through the turmoil of having another child who I would bury. I asked God why He was making go through so much pain, and I thought children were meant to be blessings. But when you were born, the doctors told us you were healthy. You started a new page of our lives. We moved away from family and friends. We wanted our lives to begin all over again, and it did. But we decided not to have another child. You were and you’ve always been more than enough for us Solape. That’s why I don’t want you to marry that boy. He is a good man, but there are many good men out there with AA genotype. I can’t watch you my only child make the same mistake I made. I was ignorant then, I am not now. Please my child. Your father is adamant and sad too. We know how much you love him, but you have to let him go. Olorun a se oko ti e fun e”.



She waited in front of the court house

Why wasn’t he here yet?

This was really unlike him

Ha he gotten cold feet?

Had her parents spoken to him?

Was he really leaving her?

The questions were endless

Fear was slowly beginning to choke her

She waited and prayed silently

Only two of their friends were here

And her boss at work

No one voiced out their thoughts but she could read the same questions in their eyes

Her phone rang and the caller ID showed it was him

“Olu, what is going on? Where are you?”

“Sorry Madam, is this Solape Obisesan?’

At first, she thought it was a joke

Why was someone else calling her with Olu’s phone?

Had he been detained by the police?

Maybe her father had found out about their plans and decided to teach him a lesson

He lay on the cold steel table

In his tuxedo well laundered

They had cleaned him up but she could still see the bruises

She was here to identify his body

The humming sound of the air conditioner in the morgue added to the solemnity of the moment

She wished she could climb on the table and lie with him there forever

But she couldn’t move her feet

She wished for a lot of things

She wished they had tried to convince her dad

She wished she had a premonition

“See you in court”

Those were the last words she said to him

Now she wondered if they referred to the heavenly courts

They say it was a trailer driven by a drunk under aged boy

None of that mattered anymore

The puzzle had found its own solution

The police officer that called her handed her a note

He found it in the pocket of his jacket

A note she kept for their son, born seven months after, healthy and as fit as a fiddle

He had escaped it, just like his mother, but he had questions about his father

“Solape mi,

They say love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. How else can I show my love to you if I can’t do all these for you? I know we’re crazy to be doing this, but I would rather be with you and cry everyday than spend the rest of my life with someone wondering what if we risked it all. I want to grow old with you; I want to have children with you and no one else. In sickness and in health, in good times and bad times, when the world deserts us and when they comfort us, I want to be with you. As we take these vows today, I want you to know that I give you my heart, my body and my soul. In the end, I know our love will conquer all.”



28 Comments Add yours

  1. tp says:

    Wow…fab piece!

  2. doyin says:

    This is very nice!!! and sad too. Pls is it a true story? X_x

  3. abky12 says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this should never be a problem. Although i’ll never be in that position, I’m certain of what I would do if i were.If we want children so much, we can always adopt. If I Love a girl, her genotype sure as hell aint stopping me. So many children out there we could give a good life too. doesn’t matter if you are not related by blood. Sometimes, Family is way more than just blood.

    1. highlandblue says:

      How would you have sex with your woman? Would you be sure she would never get pregnant? And when she does despite all your prevention attempts (which are stifling and unnatural) what next? You abort and move on? That simple?

  4. Victor says:

    Nice piece there. Really touching. Thumbs up!

  5. proteus92 says:

    Feels like I’m in the wrong place, haven’t read anything that sappy since…haven’t read anything that sappy. It got to me though, now I feel soft and unmanly…well done.

    1. *cleaning eyes* Femi! Wow! I am clapping for myself

    2. highlandblue says:

      Yes Proteus. I share your thoughts. This brought tears to my eyes. Surprisingly. Still, don’t try this at home. 😀

  6. Sirkastiq says:

    Beautiful…is the sad touch some ‘jibolaistic’advice? lol..beautiful.

    1. actually, he just gave me the theme and I learnt the sad part from reading the works of people like you and him

      1. cumical says:

        And hang to dry.

        1. LMAO! No joor! I learn from reading other people’s works esp. TNC

  7. Gbaks says:

    Wow! Reminded me of Nicholas Sparks. Nicely sad. ‘Mide-u keep gettn proud of ya!
    P.S: Wonder why her parents(or mum esp) didnt ask abt his genotype early on in d relz,known wot happened to them. *justwonderin*

  8. tiban says:

    Really nice, I had tears in my eyes…

  9. shayograss says:

    wow………God bless you for this piece

  10. 0latoxic says:

    Beautiful. That is all. Beautiful.

  11. Fashola Tunde says:

    Good write up. Got me glued till the end.
    But, I do not just love ‘Love’ stories. They get me emotional; a road i hate to travel.

    1. highlandblue says:

      Don’t you have a state to govern somewhere? Disguising your name so no one would suspect that you are BRF. You don’t fool me Babatunde Raji Fashola 😐

      1. Fashola Tunde says:

  12. Bee says:

    Nice storyline! (and I was here *wink*)

  13. Bisi says:

    Oh my! Rolly your writing has improved greatly! Nw I feel so sad for dumping my pen n paper.the way you caputured their emotions was wonderful!

  14. Bimpe Modder says:

    Lovely piece Rolly. and a frequent problems for lovers from our part of the world. I used to have friends who took blood tests all the time to prevent situations such as this. It is better to cling to the 25% AS and 50% AA chances though, Genetics is a game of chance, and most of us hold worse genes in our make up than being born an AS.
    Not to take off from your writing though, I love the piece. Kept me glued to the end. It keeps getting better niece, I’m one proud aunt. xxx

  15. sola says:

    I’m proud of you.

  16. Whatever God does is perfect,inperfection hardly comes from Him,therefore wait for that perfect match that will bring joy not added sorrow.Its devil that add sorrow to gifts not God.AS,SS does not marry any one less than AA,QED,be warned.

  17. What a touching story, thanks for sharing with me.

    1. thank you very much for stopping by. I’m really honoured.

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