My View, Your View

I see what you see

But you see it clearer

I see the colors but I miss the patterns

I see the shapes, corners and contours

But the tiny details you take for granted evade me


She’s walking towards me, all smiles

Wondering why I’m not smiling back

Little does she know that I see the color of her shirt

But I can’t make out her pretty face

She’s upset

She thinks I’m snubbing her

Then she’s 5 feet away and I recognize that gait

And I smile back


They’re all reading out loud

Echoing the words on the wall

I stand in silence

I wish I could too

I long for my voice to resound in harmony with them

But I can’t

Cause I can’t make out the words without an aid


This has been my story for 14years

And it might be for a lot more

My view of the world is just the same as yours

But with a little blur

Don’t give me your pity

I appreciate what you have that I don’t

And I’m thankful for the beautiful things of life

Even if I can’t always appreciate their full glory


Sometimes I miss out on a little fun

And I can’t view what’s under a microscope

I have an identity that has stuck

“The girl with the glasses”

I’m a nerd

I draw attention to myself without even doing anything


But we’re not all perfect

What you lack, I may have

What I lack, you may possess

We can’t have it all

But some way, somehow

We’ll make it work

Cause in the end,

“He made all things beautiful”





23 Comments Add yours

  1. amos says:

    yh,d blur vision…i dnt like it myself….but yet i can’t c wat is written on d board,and odas write with great swift….he made all tins beautiful @d end…..good piece,can’t wait 2 read more

  2. Jibola L says:

    Nerds unite!

    *throws up the nerdie gang signs*


    What’s this sad tinge to this, that I sense though?

  3. amplebrain says:

    This made me smile.

    8years and counting….

  4. bigggboyega says:

    gr8t writeup from the girl with glasses!

  5. BabzOmotoye says:

    Awww! Sweet! Sweet!! Sweet!!!

  6. tosinOI says:

    Lol……I’ve never pictured my wearing glasses this way. Anyway mine isn’t as bad as this.

    “We can’t have it all

    But some way, somehow

    We’ll make it work

    Cause in the end,

    “He made all things beautiful”””


  7. Fashola Tunde says:

    My story! And for more than 14 years.
    I am a nerd. One with great wits.
    Term me on; I have grown to love it.
    This ain’t a disease and I deserve no pity.
    This is what i have: ‘myopic myopia’.

    Thanks, Rolayo, for this piece.

  8. olayinkam says:

    Great piece, the point well made!

  9. lol.. Interesting perspective.. Kinda cute too…

  10. jaycrown says:

    The beauty of uniqueness.The grace to appreciate who we are and what we have.we were all born differently each with a unique melody in us.The beauty of existence.

  11. Thelma says:

    This is amazing! Great write up

  12. @yadesesan says:

    An interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing it with us. Kudos.

  13. doyin says:

    Glasses things!

  14. dami daniels says:

    U always mk me proud baby.simple and beautiful..but hey,ur story has changed now dt d glasses are gone.perhaps ud do a piece on d new ‘aid’?lool

  15. 0latoxic says:

    Haha! Beautiful!!

    16yrs here!

    My friend and I were talking about we ‘myopic’ people and contacts, laser surgery, nerds, nerdishness, recommended, ‘shako-mended’… The discussion came round to how I’m attracted to chics in glasses and I commented on how the ‘smart look’, which may not always translate to reality of the look between the ears, is such a turn on. At this point, she pointed out something that I realised was remarkably true:

    “How many short-sighted folk who have to depend on glasses do you know that are not actually well-read, well informed and actually intelligent?”

    Think on that for a bit and realise what I realised that day.

    Our ‘burden’ is a gift and a curse. And I bet if some research was done, the results would show that we who are ‘afflicted’ in this way, are more often than not so as a direct result of the activities in our childhood which brought to light our inquisitive and intelligent nature. Reading books in dim light, sitting too close to tvs, etc…

    The gift and the curse.

    1. This is the longest comment I have ever gotten, but its so true! i did a mental check of everyone I know that wears spectacles and somehow somehow they fit into the profile. Thanks for always stopping by

  16. Tiki2a says:

    The first time I wore glasses, when I was 11, I burst into tears. The opthalmologist was very concerned, and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I never knew that it was possible to see the edges of things. I did very well at school, so I thought everybody was like me. It was the first time I could sit inside, and see each leaf on the tree outside.

    We have so much to be thankful for, its crazy that we spend our time being competitive, rather than just plain grateful.

  17. Beautiful ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  18. Lucy says:

    I always stood up & went close to the board just to see what the teacher had written…I hadn’t gotten my glasses then. Thinking back, I wonder how weird I must have looked. *sigh*
    16yrs and counting. Last time I had my eyes checked, I was told I may be weaned off glasses soon (hallelujah! Amen).
    Nice piece.. Totally relatable(is this a word?) to.

  19. DumCh says:

    i totally identify with this piece especially because after 14years it still makes feel bad sometimes but “dont give me your pity…. He made all things beautiful”

    Well articulated write-up!

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