“My daughter must be yellow paw-paw like you and marry a fine rich man”
“Roll-ayo! Come and see what happened to me today. That’s how he-who-must-not-be-named called and….”
I’ve missed B26
The noisy laughter
The early morning silence
The annoying buzz of the fan
The door that was always being opened by one neighbour or the other

But I miss the people more
Damilola Longe
Nguavese Akuse
I miss our conversations
Our outings
Our arguments
How I always switched sides from Dammy to Vese on different topics
We could talk about anything
And we talked about everything
I miss singing on the corridor with Dammy to Disney songs
And looking at wedding pictures of Vese’s acquaintances on Bella Naija
Vese always seems to know everybody from somewhere one way or the other!!!
And Dammy with her constant fantasies and her spontaneity
I think I gained weight living in that room… Or NOT!
I’m certain I had some of my best times in university with you guys though (even if Vese always ditches us, *rme*)

I miss you two
I miss you a lot
You guys didn’t just accommodate me, you made a home for me in your hearts
You always referred to me as your “third room-mate”
You treated me like your little sister
We always talked things out
You appreciate me, and I have no choice but to reciprocate
We’ve made memories that’ll last forever
You’ve built nests in my heart and even laid eggs in them
I can’t ever pay you back
I’ll try
I love you
I said once that you two are proof that God exists and loves His own and I wish I could carry you on my shoulders and show the world what great sisters I have

Never will I say good-bye
But till the end of eternity, I’ll be grateful
Accept my lil’ thank you note
God bless you


10 Comments Add yours

  1. folahanlash says:

    😥 *wiping tears* so touching….. A beautiful note for two beautiful young ladies who have a way of adding beauty to the lives of people they come across

  2. tolutimehin says:

    Am happy for you *grins*

  3. Bosede says:


  4. cumical says:

    This is beautiful.

    I want to meet Vese.

  5. Sewuese says:

    This is so sweet!
    I’m proud of my sisters!
    Plus they look so sweet and matchy-matchy!
    Rolayo from what I hear, u’re also a sweet one and it was never a chore having you around.

  6. omotooke says:

    Thats how Rolayo decided to make me cry :’)… Happy, mixed feelings tears (he who must not be named, nice) really beautiful… I miss us sha… @ Vese, Terdoh likes u o…

  7. vese says:

    Rolly!! Tears early this morning!! Its lovely!! Am so touched! Thank you dear!!

  8. vese says:

    Thanks for making me feel like a celebrity!! I loeve u sis!! And miss you too( yes, you bring out the mushy side of me!) @terdoh, we should hook up o!! Heard ur tiv, *wink*

  9. vese says:


  10. amos says:


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