Hi People!!!
I couldn’t find an appropriate title for this one, I hope you look past it and enjoy all the same. Thank you

Numbers are random
Well, not until they hold a certain amount of significance or stand for something special
Like the plate number of a stolen car or the number of a seven-figure bank account
Just like 143821
The numbers I’ve been branded with since my entry into this University

I remember walking to the board almost in slow motion
Saying prayers like they’ll change what was already there
I checked once
Checked twice
143821 didn’t make it this time
It wasn’t on that white sheet
I went numb

The tears didn’t come
I really needed them to
They say crying makes you feel better
But my lacrimal glands failed to comply

I felt branded
Like everyone who walked past me could smell the stench of failure
They all kept knocking
Saying words I didn’t want to hear
Telling me it was all going to be fine
I just wanted to be alone
To enter a dark hole and wish it away
But they wouldn’t let me be

“Despite all these things, we are more than conquerors”
“This too shall pass”
Words that came from unexpected lips
Words I held on to when it became almost too difficult to bear

Morning came and so did the tears
Questions unanswered
Why would HE let me go through this?
What had I done wrong?
I stood on His Word
I studied hard
I did all I knew how to do

Three months of having to nod when asked whether you had a re-sit
And the sigh of regret that follows
The irony when they call you “bright” or commend you for giving an intelligent answer
When all I wanted to say was,”If only you knew”

The road back to Him was long
Trusting Him didn’t come easy
How did I know I wasn’t going to have a repeat?
But I learnt that after all was said and done, I had no one else to turn to
No one was going to help me through this
It was either me alone, or me with Him
I chose the later
He was taking me through a process
Testing me through fire to become purer gold
This didn’t change His plan for my life
It wasn’t going to stop the great woman He made me to be
“After all my strength is gone, in YOU I can be strong”

Stronger and better
No fear, just faith
Not about what I know or what my hands can do
But what He’s doing through me

This time the CONGRATULATIONS replaced the “Sorry, I heard”
This time, we worked as a team
This time, I conquered
143821 satisfied her examiners.

“Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him Who loved us.”
Romans 8:37


19 Comments Add yours

  1. ranchosblog says:

    Le sigh. I’m having a test in 10 minutes, and I’m feeling like a complete idiot, as I don’t know anything. ‘But in all these, I am more than a conqueror’. Thank you Rolayo for banishing the doubts.

  2. fbilash says:

    Aww! So many people need to see dis to be encouraged

  3. neemore says:

    Awwwwww. This is lovely. God makes all things beautiful in His time.

  4. Bosede says:

    This is nice. In all dese things, we r mpre dan conquerors.

  5. okiki-tomilayo says:

    Awww! Rolly.soo touching. I thought I was the only one who had these thoughts,feelings and experience. Beautiful piece again!

  6. vese says:

    Sometimes it takes someone who has been through the fire to understand how deep the burns are.
    “And when all MY strength is gone.. In you I can be strong”!!!
    I LOVE!!!

    1. I agree Vese. It takes someone who has walked in these shoes to know what it feels like.
      May this be the last of its kind.

  7. abky12 says:

    Well, everyone should read this post. Nice one Rolayo

  8. Sam says:

    The taste of victory. The times of questioning who you are. Wow. Never read it this articulated before. God is faithful.

  9. Thelma says:

    Wonderful piece. Its good u can see the beauty of pain. We are indeed more than conqueror!

  10. DavidOlamideCraig says:

    I love the way you write. This piece especially distills difficult emotions into words and condenses thoughts unspoken into lines we can all relate to, whether or not the reader has ever failed an exam.

    My number was missing on the board after my finals. Surgery and Public Health thought I was a good to go but Medicine disagreed. Jesus thought differently though, and through the dark days of my resit exams he showed me my future and boy was I blown away!

    I think the setbacks keep us humble, but more importantly keep our minds focused on the one who matters most, Jesus!
    Congrats Rola!!!

  11. luvdayo says:

    Wow, that was honestly refreshing! God bless U. Keep Writing for your words have been commissioned to change the World!

  12. adebukonla says:

    There is always lite at d end of d tunnel, even if its jst a blinkin star! Congrats dear once again! He has never for once failed and he never will.. Keep aimin for d sky dear,d worst is u ll fall amng d stars. 3 more hurdles to scale tru. Congrats in advance on those.

  13. adebayor says:

    Nice piece. Keep it up!!!

  14. adebukonla says:

    There is always light at d end of d tunnel,even if its frm a blinking star…..congrats once again dear. He always keeps his promise.”this too shall pass”…and it has! .Keep aimin for the sky;d worst is u l fall among the stars…. 3 more hurdles to scale;Congrats in advance.Joy of latter shall b greater dan D former.

  15. amos says:


  16. tolutimehin says:

    Just what i need to stand on this exam period…”In all these things,I am HUPERNIKAO”. Thanks Rolyce

  17. 'Mayowa Kolade says:

    Congrats again…first for the exams but secondly and most importantly on a life of consistent victory independent of ‘events’. WE ALWAYS WIN
    Nice piece. Well done

  18. Tchemi says:

    More than a month later and this story exactly word for word, exam for exam tells my tale.. though it’s not complete, I will hear the congratulations as you did and then call Jim once again as I always do, FATHER MY FATHER.

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