Sweet Revenge

So I saw this paper outside my friend’s room today and in my curiosity checked only to find a story I wrote some months back. I had this nostalgic feeling and I just thought I should share. Some have read the original story before, amma make a few adjustments here and there. Enjoy

It was that special day of the year again. When guys spent till they dropped and girls shrieked till they lost their voices.
“Thanks Boo”
Lola changed her personal message on her blackberry messenger as she uploaded a picture of the pink and red cake she got from Tayo for Valentines.
“You make everyday beautiful”
He was such a sweet-heart, and romantic too. Only him could cook up such a heart-melting phrase. She had not taken a piece yet but she was certain it was a chocolate cake, her all-time favourite. Her day-dream was rudely interrupted by the vibration of her phone. Maybe it was Tayo.
Sade: PING!!!
Sade: PING!!!
Sade: Why did you steal my dp(display picture)?!
Lola: What?
Sade: My dp! Why did you steal it?
Lola: My cake?
Sade: How is it your cake? That’s the same cake my boyfriend sent to me this morning…

Somewhere nearby,
Helen walked into Tomi’s room excited. Ade-T had totally outdone himself this time. His gifts were always spell bounding and this just raised the bar higher.
After he told her that he wouldn’t be able to make it down cause of work, her mood had been dampened. But when the parcel arrived with the cake box on top, she felt on top of the world.
Tomi wasn’t in her room, she pinged her to find out where she was. She rolled her eyes when she confirmed she was in the reading room just like she had suspected.
She noticed a cake box at the other side of the room, it was definitely for that Tomi’s room-mate. She had always envied that girl’s good looks and finesse. She decided to take a peep, after all no one was watching, what hurt could she be doing?

Whether it was the jolt of the door or what she saw in the box that made her jump, she wasn’t exactly sure. Tomi’s room-mate walked in with a disgusted look when she found her frozen in her space. She was holding another bag, probably from another guy. She had many suitors like that.
Helen knew she was wrong for snooping around but she just asked about the cake anyway.
Helen: Hi…
Bisola: Hi (with a stone-cold expression)
Helen: Your cake is really nice
Bisola: I know, my boyfriend sent it to me, it HAS to be nice.
Helen: I got that same cake this morning
Bisola: You mean from same bakery? Because I’m wondering why we are having this conversation
Helen: No, I mean the same cake. Same colour, lettering and I’m sure its the same taste.

Bisola’s uninterested look changed to a confused one. What was this girl talking about? Ade had sent her this cake all the way from Lagos, there was no way her own random Ibadan boyfriend would have made the exact same cake for her.
“May I ask what your boyfriend’s name is?”

The moment of truth was interrupted by the commotion outside. Someone had hit the door and the loud bang reminded them of their immediate surrounding. Lola and Sade’s voices could be heard over a mob which was strange because although Sade was known to be lousy and quite a trouble-maker, Lola was quiet and relatively sweet.
“Boy-friend snatcher”

Sade was calling Lola all sorts of names and neighbours were trying to get her to calm down, but all effort proved futile.

“So you’ve been eyeing Tayo abi? And I thought you were my friend o
The name “Tayo” made Bisola and Helen exchange a glance.
Bisola asked one of the “onlookers” for the gist and that one gladly showed her a picture of the cake she had saved from her phone. One look cleared all the doubts she had.

“WOW! I can’t believe he was playing us all”
“Playing four of us is bad, but sending us the same cakes and bottles of perfume is an insult. Did he think we wouldn’t find out?”
“I’m tired of all this talk. Let’s plan what we’ll do to the bastard and teach him a good lesson”
The girls finally stopped bickering and put their heads together to devise a plan.
The same guy that was the bone of contention was the same one fostering their unity.

He had told only Lola he would be coming. He had given the others excuses, the cakes and packages were supposed to do the trick. How had fate played a smart one on him? And how come they all knew each other?

When Tayo got to Lola’s door with a single rose,he was prepared for the most wonderful night of his life. So what if he was a player, Lola was the real deal. Beauty and brains from a wealthy family. She was definitely a good catch.
He had even considered giving up his player status but he was too young for anything too serious. At least, that’s what he told himself.

He definitely wasn’t prepared for what he saw when she opened her door. She was suggesting they took her friends along. He wanted to protest, but the thought of adding another lady to his harem tickled him.
Not until he stepped in and saw who her “friends” were- Sade, Helen and Bisola. To where? For what? This was a civil war brewing and his kitchen wasn’t big enough for it. He begged for the floor to open.

They got along so well, while he soaked in his shirt. The girls complained about how cold the restaurant was when he asked for the air conditioner’s temperature to be reduced a little lower. They had really gotten him this time. And they just kept ordering for more- desserts here, take-away packs there. The bill was going to be outrageous. He had only planned for two but now he had to foot the bill for five. He counted the notes in his wallet under the table again, hoping that by some miracle they would have doubled. Same fifteen thousand naira. He had to come up with a plan and quick too.

“Ladies, excuse me for a minute. I want to get to the gents.”
They were too interested in their chatter to even notice him.
All except Lola, she was suspicious but she let it slide.
He got outside and saw the two long queues in front of the ATMs. He kept walking till he got to his car. In a few minutes he was on the express on his way back to Lagos.

Few minutes later…
“Where’s Ade-T? He should have come back by now”
Sade checked her blackberry and saw his status update
“Once a bad guy, ALWAYS a bad guy”
She broke the news to the rest, “He’s gone”.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. ranchosblog says:

    Bad guy of life. My kind of guy. Sure boy. Like my Benin boys would say, ‘guy-man no dey guy guy-man’.

    But wait o. Playing 5 girls. Ghen! He’s a bawse. *inserts BBM cool smiley here*

  2. fbilash says:

    Hahahahahahaah! Nice one sis…it’s hilarious!

  3. amos says:

    hmmmmmmm…….bad guy did a bad tin….nd d best plan d gurls cud come up with…..is to chop his money….dat was so dull….ladies u can do beta….c’mon

  4. 47 says:

    LoL,good writeup, reminds me of the Jide story and the ‘vex money’.

    …Always a badt guy…

  5. Badt guy says:

    LOOOOL Forever a bad guy!

  6. 0latoxic says:

    LMAO! Those girls are too foolish. How… How!… How!!! do you let him go anywhere unattended?!

  7. oyinda says:

    I feel dat guy jare tayo on p☺°̩п̥̥τ̅…baddest nigga…stupid ladies…’Unsharp’ girls…dey shld berra grow up…tayo shld b careful ☺…dey cld just ave gone to babalawo to make sure he dies on his way to lagos…lag boiz all d way…nice one…kip it up

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