Still GOD

It’s hard trusting You sometimes
Most especially when I’ve talked Your ears out
And I still feel like You’re not listening
When I cry silently
Soaking my pillow at night
And there’s no one but You to talk to
When the ones I talk to aren’t listening and I look up to You
And it seems like You’re nowhere to be found
Those times when I have to remind myself that I came to this world alone
And no matter how many friends You’ve placed around me
It’s still me,myself and I

I believe You don’t sleep neither do You slumber
I really want to ask if You can see what’s going on
Did You know this was going to happen?
And since You do, where is it leading to?
My heart is breaking
My strength is failing
My knees are growing weak
There’s only so much I can bear
I’m on the verge of giving up
The candle of hope is struggling in the wind

Let morning come soon and let this night end
Give me strength cause mine is gone
Hold my hand through this storm
This burden is heavy, but I’m saying now “Over to You”
I know Your grace towards me covers this
Make it sufficient for me

“I will be still and know You are GOD”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ogenna says:

    Reblogged this on Autora and commented:
    Forever God, never fails, has never failed, will never fail.

  2. fbilash says:

    Hmmmn! Whatevr comes my way, I’d praise the Lord!

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