Memoirs of an Undergraduate I

Hello people!
For my next set of posts, I’m gonna be putting up some of my old works. Its a series I started a while back about my life in University, one for every year. I’ve been a bit lazy about this year’s own but I promise it’ll be up soon. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to read too.
Thanks 🙂

At the breaking of another dawn, I am rudely interrupted by the shrilling sound of an alarm clock
The prayers of various fellowships rings in the air
Luckily, there is power so preparing for classes today should be a lot easier
Say a quick thank you for another day
Find my way to the bathroom
Only to find about four other people waiting their turns
Have a careful but brief bath
Find my roommates just waking up
Cramped up in a little corner I can proudly call my own
I dress up and prepare a quick breakfast simultaneously
Have chit- chats about previous day’s events and plans for the day
Check my watch, I am running out of time already
Grab my bags and down a bowl of cereal as I make my way out
Hurry to the gate, then discover!
I forgot my wallet and my phone!
Rush back to get it before I start my routine with earphones in my ear
Greet a few acquintances on my way, can’t remember some names
But I give my most charming smile and wave
Get to the lecture theatre
Obviously,every good seat has been taken
Search for a friend to share with ’cause lecture has begun
I’m finally settled and try to figure out what he’s talking about
ALAS! I can only see his lips moving
Check the guy beside me, he doesn’t even have a note
A whole class has been wasted already
Pick up another note and earphones are back in my ears
No time can be lost!
Bout half an hour later, class ends and everyone is rushing out
Not particularly going anywhere
Rather to catch a breathe from the overcrowded lecture theatre
Ask around for anyone who was attentive during class
My breakfast has been used up for the hustles of the morning
My tummy is growling, almost too loud for my friends to hear
Find a cafeteria and buy low quality food
Use my imagination to satisfy my taste buds
Stroll around school aimlessly
Talking bout things ranging from classes to what the girl across the road is wearing
Hurry back to the lecture theatre
Hopefully, a better seat than the former awaits us
Over a hundered people there already
But its better than earlier…
… Claases are finally overand everyone departs
Get to the hall, steal some winks of sleep
And pray that the “water” woman passes
When she does, beckon her qiuckly her quickly
It reduces the hassles of this already stressful hall life
And its just for a stipend
Got a meeting in a few minutes
Dress up & find my way there, luckily via a cab
Or I just take a really long stroll
Nice to joke around and relax with these people
They ease out the tension of the day
Get back to my room
Contemplate on whether to make dinner or skip it
Fortunately, my neighbour has excess food
My Saviour for the night!
Read a few pages & nature creeps in
Have to hit the sack and its way past mid-night

There goes another day in the life of an undergraduate


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This writing of yours is so refreshing and wow!!!


  2. ranchosblog says:

    ‘Got a meeting in a few minutes
    Dress up & find my way there,
    luckily via a cab
    Or I just take a really long stroll
    Nice to joke around and relax with
    these people
    They ease out the tension of the day’

    Radicals for Jesus. We caught our sub. We miss you sha (-̩̩̩⌣́_⌣̀-̩̩̩)

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