Memoirs of an Undergraduate II: Life in Pre- Clinical School

Walking into a lecture theatre,
With seats the colour of unripe plantain
Excitement, pride and a whole lot of emotions
Now let the games begin
Classes go on well,
Lecturers here and there talking about the same thing
But in different terms
This human body,WOW!
But before I get carried away in this new knowledge
I better start hitting the sizeable books
‘Cause it’s barely a month and the infamous tests are beginning to roll in
In Pre-Clinicals, nobody has ever read
Even if they are caught with a pile of books in the library
Same response
“I haven’t read anything”
It bugs me
Who are they fooling, themselves or others?
Well, results will always tell
Just finished a test and OMG!!!!!!!!
Those questions were from outer space
Who would ever have thought…
Am I in the right place?
But I am not the only one complaining
Is that a good sign or not
Some are saying it was  time
Others are saying it’s was question
I’m saying 
“Welcome to Med School”
The only fun thing in Pre- Clinicals
Actually, not the whole thing
But F.B.I. rocks!!!
Every Monday, about fifty heads are all cramped up
Trying to see who has been caught in the act and dissed again
It’s funny when it’s about someone else
But totally not a joke if your name’s on it
By Thursday,it’s a drag…
Results are out!
The whole class rushes there to see
Most, with a huge balloon of hope and certainty
Then they get there,
Then they see it,
And out goes all the air in the balloon
It’s funny ’cause here
Most people are grateful for 50s
The over-zealous and “I-haven’t-read” for 60s
But a better percentage of the class 
Still doesn’t make it
I really don’t get the essence of this thing
‘Cause for a while it was excitingly frightening
But now, it’s just straight up annoying…
Cutting dead and decaying people up could be fun for some
But why the smell that causes the headache and leaves the bad taste in my mouth
I have to stare at some man
Twice a week
In his birthday suit
Wondering what kind of life he lived
And then dissect him
So i can see all I have read about
Leave it to me,
But I would just read and imagine it
But I’m not the boss here,am I?
Maybe this is one good part of Pre- Clinicals
“Puff-nuts” and Zobo for breakfast
Sure doesn’t sound strange to my average classmate
Then there’s our very own MAMA ANAT
Whose food we always complain about 
But we keep going back
Partly because it’s one of the best  on campus
What other choice do we have?
Discussions, a “must-do’ for everyone who wants to scale through to the other side
With people “moving stuff”
And re-explaining what had been taken in class
And also what the lecturers “forgot” to add
All wit one aim
That every member crosses to UCH
Come the next MB Part I
This life has made me stronger,
It has tested my friendship with some and strengthened my friendship with others,
It’s crazy and almost impossible, especially before every test
But then, after all the activities of the day
No matter how hard
When I lay my head to rest
Regardless of the time,
I know one thing deep within…
There’s no place I’ld rather be.


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