Over You

And no matter where I go, I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone as beautiful as you, both inside and out”

Our hug was cut short by the coughs of the other guests at your birthday party
Guess who had just walked in
The love of your life,
My rival
I watched you run to him in excitement
While I stood on my spot, arms still ajar
Waiting for the hug that never came
Just like your heart that I’ll never have

You don’t know how hard it is for me
Living with the reality that you picked him over me
You knew me first
We had a good thing going
Everyone could see how perfect we were together
Everyone but you
You say you never knew I had feelings for you
That you liked me too
And he’s everything I am, but older
And they say age is just a number

Its been over a year now
I should have moved on, I know
But how am I supposed to do that with you still in my life
You rest your head on my chest and play with the hair on my arms
We speak in low tones
In a world of our own
For a moment, I’m living my dream
You’re right where I want you to be
Here with me
Then your phone rings
Its him again
You compose yourself
And our moment is gone

I want to ask you to leave
But the problem is where?
You’re in my dreams that have turned to nightmares
You’re in every prayer I make
I see you across the hallway and I’m about to turn
You spot me in my pink polo shirt
The one you gave me for my last birthday
You walk towards me in slow steps that rhyme with my fluttering heart
For that space in time, all is suspended
My head does a double-check and I regain myself
Debo, what are you doing?
I voice out my thoughts,
Remi, what are we doing?
You stare at me in utter confusion
I stare back determined to get an answer
Your face drops in admission
We couldn’t be
Even though we should be.

I walk away
With the heavy pieces of my heart
And with tear-laced eyes
Maybe I’m still in love with you today
But someday soon, I’ll be over you.

“It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving
Someone that your heart’s still loving
When forever is true
I’ll be over you”

-Efa and Praiz “Over You”


13 Comments Add yours

  1. amos says:

    wow……a good piece,it is so hard ooo,u find friends in ds shoes….nd d lady is lovin sm1 else nd d guy is wishin….a lovely piece rolayo…..watchin out 4 more

  2. kovieparker says:

    Beautiful! Age is nothing but a number, a number that generally means more it should.
    I really enjoyed reading this.

  3. Dare says:

    This story sounds so familiar…… Nice piece again, as always.

  4. ranchosblog says:

    This strikes too close to home. Anything I say can be used against me by Someone™, so I’ll just say ‘you keep matching and surpassing expectations’. Keep it up.

    I like how you have made this part-poetry, part-prose way of writing your trademark. It’s very unique. You remind me of Osemhen and how she writes in the second person. Bravo, amiga.

  5. kayode says:

    Wow…really nice piece…it happens all the time…sounds like a true life story!

  6. omotooke says:

    😥 burrifu, just burrifu… Thank God for spearing me frm such

  7. Reblogged this on beforesheimplodes and commented:

  8. proteus92 says:

    Part-poetry? ah. This was something sha. It wasn’t terrible, I can’t say I liked it but what do I know? I hate romance. Write again Rolayo.

  9. folahanlash says:

    *sighs* ka sa ma se daadaa. Sounds very familiar and I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of any of the three people. And the fact that the writer can write stories and make them look like poems. *thumbs-up*. A beautiful write-up from a more beautiful writer

  10. Tinuola says:

    The time old dilemma… Nice piece. Keep going ..you
    Are getting really good at this.

  11. whales arowolo says:

    I must confess this is a wonderful piece. Anticipating ur next piece.

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