Memoirs of an Undergraduate IV: Clinicals Part 1

I know this post is long overdue
But you’ll have to forgive me
The training to become a doctor isn’t easy
Next time you see anyone with the title “Dr.”, please stop for a little word of encouragement or at least a warm handshake

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side”
When I passed my BDS Part I last year
High hopes clouded my vision a bit
Finally I was gonna wear the white coat, the skirt and the serious look
I would be saving lives!!!
A year and a half later and I’m begging to be set loose from the walls of this hospital
Everything here is stressful
From the lectures to the long walks to school
To the hard tests that make you wonder why you stayed up all night when you would still be clueless in the daytime
The heavy textbooks that could sink the Titanic
The gruesome autopsy I’m compelled to watch
The lecturers don’t make life easier too
The hierarchy here from consultants to senior registrars to registrars to house officers and then there’s ME at the bottom of the chain
I practically have to suck up to survive
Constantly chasing one procedure after another and trying to make up the required 75% attendance
It’s like a continuous race
After med school comes housemanship, then residency, and on and on
Examination after examination
Just to rise to the top of this career

Everyone’s schedule is different
With strategic meeting points called Block postings
Ward-rounds, seminars, lectures
Same routine, different day
Public holidays are like rain drizzle on a hot sunny day in the Sahara
And outside postings, those four weeks when you get to choose your destination
Heavenly bliss!

But its not all bad
Lecture-free days when we have symposiums that make no sense to me most times
But aid in stocking up my shelf with new jotters and filling my tummy with doughnut and drinks
The comfort of the my dormitory room where I get to be an interior designer and get benefits that other UI students desire
The constant electricity… Even though it’s been having issues in recent times
There’s a sense of maturity attached to this place
Like I’m more responsible
Maybe it’s me
Maybe it’s the people around me

I love doing what I do
No matter how tired I am when I drop on my 3 by 6 bed
And how many times I get frustrated after being “percussed” by a Consultant
In my own little way, I’m contributing my own quota
Someday soon, someone will call my name
And it won’t just be “Miss Rolayo Williams”
But “Dr. Rolayo Williams”.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wishing You God’s best my dear! There’s always a price to pay for everything. Keep on! It’ll pay off one day.

  2. amos says:

    pele……its also aint easy 2b calld an engineer as well,note… all ds tings we are more than,gues u knw dat….so,keep keepin it real….

  3. okiki-tomilayo says:

    Biuriful!…………..Once again,u tugged the strings of my heart.#wide grins#

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