Love in God’s House

I’m all smiles this morning!!!
I’m sure you’re wondering why. Well, let me tell you, today I’m starting my series for the year. Last year, we had Four Strips .This year, I’m featuring some special people, The Camellian Order (don’t ask). Every week, I’ll be putting up a story written by each member. Today, Tumininu will be doing the honours. I hope you enjoy it. Read, comment and share. 🙂

Hi, I’m Sewa.
A young christian girl who loves the Lord. This is my story.

You know the way gist flies fast in churches, eh? I’m not here to justify myself. I just want to clear the air and tell what really happened.
I was obviously younger than the he was. He was already in 300 level when I got my admission into the Department of Pharmacy in University of Ibadan. Ours was not a story of love at first sight like they all say, in fact it was a tale of gradual progression. The first time I saw him was in fellowship. I attended a meeting organized for the freshers and he, being an executive, had to be in attendance. I didn’t notice him or any other guy for that matter. Me, this innocent young girl that came to worship God in the beauty of His holiness. He claims he noticed me the moment I walked in, shy me couldn’t even walk with my head up. After the programme, he walked up to me and introduced himself, I had heard so much about these “stalites” and how they always took advantage of freshers. I had met a few guys already who took dangerous interest in me. But he seemed different. Something about the way he talked and the way he stared at me straight in the eye made me feel I could trust him. He had this innocence that hid behind his bold demeanor. When he offered to walk me to my hall that night, (pretty smooth and fast,right?) I gladly obliged. It was high time I started making friends anyway. Well… A walk down to Idia Hall began the journey of a lifetime.
He was a real gentleman. I have heard that christian “brothers” don’t know how to treat ladies and it was all about prayer and fasting. But he was different, he took me to places I had never been, and spoilt me silly. Breakfasts at restaurants and brunches at fast-food spots, movie dates and drama night. It felt like a healthy kind of love. I had everything going for me and it looked like things couldn’t get better. Valentine’s day that year was the peak. He bought me a pair of red heels, cup-cakes with my name spelt out, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a necklace with a dainty pendant. I was walking on sunshine.
Now, some wonderful “sisters” in the his set that probably had their eyes on him noticed our young love and started turning green. Before we could say ‘Jack Robinson’,the rumors were flying all over the place. I remember the day I got to choir practice two minutes earlier than the scheduled time and the assistant choir coordinator told me to stand throughout the rehearsal for coming ten minutes late. Another day,during workers’ meeting, two ladies were discussing me like I wasn’t there, mocking me and my relationship. It was my first time of experiencing such. It took a lot of self-restraint and patience not to pack my bags and leave. Leave the fellowship. Leave the relationship. But I stayed. I decided I was going to stay and fight for my man. The attention began to cause a strain in our relationship gradually, and even on both of us. My older sister advised me to take a break, so I decided to, for the sake of my sanity. He was sad when I told him about my decision, I almost changed my mind. But this was one thing I had to go through with, at least till the dust settled.

Guess what happened! Another girl replaced me in three months. Just three months. She entered the university a year after me and they met in almost the same manner. We all watched as conflicting emotions flowed: anger from my end, pity from the ones who knew my story, and mockery from the sisters in the house. Now that I’m older, I see its not strange to hear of stories like mine however even more worse cases of young innocent girls who get their hearts broken by guys in the church. The church where they should find solace, and where men of valor and truth should be found. Instead, they find wolves in sheep clothing waiting to devour their flesh and hearts.

As hard and embarrassing as it was for me, I stayed. I stayed and I got trained and now I’m training younger girls. Telling them my story and hoping they learn from it. Ask a number of them to quote me and they’ll say:
” 2nd Corinthians 5: 14a says “For the love of Christ constrains us…” Some New Age Version say “God’s love cautions us…” that we be careful in all our dealings with one another. Be it in carrying people’s gist up and down, whether you know it to be true or not. And even if it were true, why carry gist that would smear our fellows in Christ?”
That’s all my story. God help us all. Amen.


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  1. Nice story. One which definitely happens. However, I think there’s a slight reference to the guy being wrong to replace her in 3 months. I don’t think so.

    1. tumi says:

      hey! Thanks for commenting. Would like you state your reasons for supporting the guy’s actions. Thanks in anticipation!

  2. Amos says:

    Chill…i dnt really get….is dat he does evry yr…..bcos u sed pple were talkin..sayin wat….more light pls

    1. tumi says:

      hey! Sadly, you are mixing the whole thing up. The gurl n guy are first timers in dis thing called ‘love relationship’ and yep, peeps were talkn cos they had stuffs to say bout them. Apparently the guy has got every lady’s eye on himself and surprisingly, he does something different in his entire life- asks a girl out, usually, its being the other way round for him. So folks began talkn that he asks a gurl out, he is in a relationship n its healthy and that pushed the jealous ones whose had their eyes on him to begin to say stuffs that will choke the relationship, so they can have fun or whatever their plan was. They wanted to take the place of the girl, i mean.. Wanted to be the guy’s girlfriend, so they began planning and acting nasty, really nasty.. Guess i helped you a bit right?

  3. akibogbenga says:

    What exactly did the guy do wrong? You chose to walk away from the relationship instead of powering through it despite all the sticks and stone being thrown your way. He gave you three months to change your mind and then chose to move on and that makes him a devourer of the innocent? I can see how from your perspective you might feel he used you, you were probably expecting him to come beg you to give it another shot but not everyone thinks the same way as the next. Just my opinion though

  4. Phylix says:

    I hate to sound like a broken record amongst the voices but there isn’t really any implication that he was only out to score on freshers. As I was reading, I thought the agenda of it all was about those who had turned green and where making a mockery of you, but at the end of it, it got confusing.
    Like Gbenga said, he moved on. 3 months is a big deal when it comes to things like these, and the fact that it was 3 months later and not 3 weeks later shows that he probably did want to get back together with you. Considering how much he spent on you, I really don’t see how he got to be the bad guy. I’m not saying this because I’m a guy myself, but chocs, heels, movie dates and more? He probably lost a lot in his own perspective and decided to move on after all the time you stayed away. Plus, I’ll go on a limb here and say there was no sex involved, so it’s not like his ulterior motive was to buy you things so he could sleep with you and then shove you off.
    You gain nothing by splashing someone with goodies, making them fall for you and just replacing them because you can.

    1. tumi says:

      hey you! Got the wrong opinion there. he did
      not give the gurl a space of 3 months. she decided to take a break dearie. Obviously, he had his eye on anoda gurl soooo soon after the break.. at 3 months, it manifested. She wasnt expecting him to come back and beg. The break was meant for them to learn how to handle issues like that and to save each other’s asses from the assalt they were receiving, particularly the gurl.

      1. Phylix says:

        Okay.. I see your point. But if he already had his eye on another girl, did he really have to wait 3 months to ‘manifest’ it? Or was he already in a relationship before 3 months? And what about the expensive stuff?

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