Love in God’s House [Part 2]

Hello people!!!
So today, I have the second part of the series written by my friend and pastor, Ifedayo Afolabi. I hope you enjoy it and please leave your comments. Thank you

“It was not meant to be like this”, I thought as I reminisced at how the last two years had been. I thought she was “THE ONE”.

She was the stuff legends are made of , perfect in every sense. My dreams came true the moment I set my eyes on her that day in Prestige Canteen. I knew she would be the perfect fit have been searching for all this while. The one who would be tickled by what makes me tick, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. My missing rib. Then I got to know that we attended the same fellowship, O man! I was elated. “This is it”, I said to myself,”Don’t dull”. Then, all the prayers, all the waiting on God…I felt the go-ahead. Like God told me she was the one made for me-my one and only. So I set about putting the right strategies in my place, got rid of any other distraction,making her mine became my one singular pursuit. My passionate quest paid off a year later when she said YES. My day was made and the rest of the year or so I thought, for I had found the only one for me. I won’t get interested in other ladies again, or so I thought.

Our courtship was unanimously accepted in the church, it was as if God Himself joined us together. We instantly became the role models for the rest of the house and even the whole school. We had great times together, went everywhere together, so romantic that we didn’t even get to Corinth.
Few months down, I told her about my plans to establish a village health care service in a remote village and we would practically be living in the village.

She couldn’t believe it. The issue led to the biggest argument we ever had because she had other dreams, and one was to start a beauty clinic in the big city. We were at this for several weeks. We prayed, fasted, and went for pastoral counsel, all to no avail. We were both heading in opposite directions. We decided to give ourselves a break.

Those were my lowest moments, I felt so depressed, felt like I had lost the rib again. Seeing her in fellowship every service didn’t help matters. On my way out after a Sunday service, I saw her at the door and I went the other way to the book store to avoid the awkward moment. I picked a book randomly and saw these words as I opened it , “There is no one person in the world for you. There are a million and one persons who can be your one and only”. I was shocked by these words because they contradicted everything I had believed. I decided to buy the book, and that was a defining moment in my life. That book changed my thinking and taught me a lot that I needed to know. What a gush of fresh air as truth flowed in and dispelled the myth I had held on to for long. Then I further realized that choosing a life partner is not something I can do with my senses, I had to fully rely on God.

I realized my wrong and apologized to Kemi and we have been good friends ever since. She even helped me yesterday to get a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday from her boyfriend’s aunt’s shop.

I will love to hear your story too, if this has happened to you or someone close to you.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. etyro says:

    Lesson learnt the hard way. Love is a choice so we choose who we love. It can be anybody or we can save it for someone special.

  2. ogenna says:

    This helped, thank you.

  3. amos says:

    wow….seriously….u both argued nd got depressd on smth dat isn’t certain,smth dat hasn’t come in2 bein
    g…e go beta

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