Love in God’s House [Part 3]

Hello people!
Today I have the another story written by my dear Tiwatayo Lasebikan. I know you’ll enjoy it. Please leave your comments and share. Thank you.

“She’s my mentee, like disciple. You know how we do it in fellowship now”

“Which mentee?!! That’s how you would be doing mentor up and down and they would be flooding your inbox with messages and calling you every now and then.”

What am I supposed to do? I’m the Bible Study Secretary in my fellowship. I teach foundation class and I get in contact with a lot of ladies, most of whom are 100 level students, week in, week out. Can you imagine? After class one day, I asked if any of my students had any question. A lady stood up and asked “Do you have a girlfriend?”. Ha, imagine, what did we carry, what did you throw? Different questions o from these my students.. “What’s your room number?” In fact, nowadays, at the end of my class, I now ask, “Do you have any questions patterning to what we just learnt?” I have to specify o, before I enter any trouble.

Some times I wonder, is it all the male teachers that get the attention from their bible students, or is it peculiar to me?
“How won’t they be tripping for you? Tall, handsome, final year law student driving a nice Toyota Camry with full AC”. That’s what Lola always says. Lola Longe is my sweetheart, the one I plan to spend the rest of my life with. I love her so much. She’s an almost perfect human being. And even if she’s not, she perfect for me. She understands me so well. We’ve been friends since our secondary school days but only started our relationship officially last year. I guess that’s why she understands that I’ve always been loved by the opposite sex, to be specific- church girls.

On my own part, I have tried to run from ladies. In fact, I tried to talk to the welfare secretary that was distributing mentees not to give me any lady. Apparently, she thought Ronny Bamgbose was a guy. Why would a Ronke put her name down as Ronny? Anyway we started DP(that’s Discipleship Program) in August. For DP, a mentor must see his mentee at least twice a week. You must pray together at least once in a month and study the word together also. Ronny or Ronke or anyone you choose, and I started seeing each other and she started growing in Christ, well, at least I thought so. And for a whole three months, nothing extra. I actually heaved a huge sigh of relief. She wasn’t overly attached. Lola didn’t like the idea of getting a female mentee, but since we were in the same fellowship, she “understood”.

Ronny and I were having a simple and plain DP relationship. Until her boyfriend decided she was getting too serious with the whole church thing and broke her heart three months after. She was so hurt. She felt she could confide in me since I was a “deep man of God”. I wish I had told her to speak to someone else, maybe our Vice-President or any other respected lady in the house. It was me she confided in o. That was the genesis of the endless phone calls and texts. You can call it rebound, I don’t know. I just know as we speak, she’s very much attached to me.

Honestly, I won’t form “holier than thou”. Maybe I led her on a little too, just maybe. I don’t have feelings for her. I need to let her know that. I need her to know that she might be causing a strain in my relationship. I need to speak with her. But I don’t want to break her just-healing heart once again. What do I do?


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  1. victoria says:

    Hmmm, such an intresting story,sounds like a true life story. well i just think since its abt 2 cos a strain in ur relationship get d vice president (lady) involved, let her see dat she can confide in her too while u quietly sneakout or reduce ur level of involment. Try 2 always refer her 2 d VP & avoid emotional discussions wt her. Be careful not 2 lose ur admired relationship out of pity 4 an unwanted guest!

  2. etyro says:

    LMAO! Mentor indeed.. Speak to her clearly define the friendship in words not assumpion. Then gradually move away and hand her over to a female ‘mentor’.

  3. opsalom says:

    1st person u shud talk to now is God, followed by Lola Longe(let her knw EXACTLY what’s goin on and dt she isn’t in a contest), find someone dt can substitute u discreetly and den prayerfully wait for d right time to talk to Ronny in clear terms(u av to talk to Ronny, sooner or later)

  4. Juliet D says:

    Hmmmmm,interstn,well,talk to God for wisdom on ♓☺ώ to handle d Ronny babe den talk to d vp,from ur interation wit d R babe let her know were she stands from ds day,cos its beter to hurt her wit d truth from d begining dan comforting her wit lies,dnt lead her on,pray for God’Ȋ̝̊̅§ wisdom.

  5. Omoloro says:

    Yup. I agree with Opsalom. Also you can’t continue playing along because you don’t want to break her heart, becuause unless polygamy is on your mind, tpreted as leading one separation will eventually happen. And betterr sooner than later.
    Conversely, we sometimes make too big an issue of this sort of thing coming from the “weaker” party’s side. If you make a conscious effort from now on never to do anything that could be interpreted as leading on and maintain cordiality without replying every excess message, things should sort themselves out.

  6. Chuma says:

    LoL. Talk to Lola, then hook her up abeg!

  7. Midah says:

    U just have to tell her, it’s gonna hurt her but it will save her and you from unecessary trouble.

  8. oyinda says:

    well, I agree with everyone! Also,one trick that will put Ronny in her place, before u have a frank talk with her, is to mention Lola a lot in ur conversations with her.

  9. Bosede says:

    Hmmmn. Tell her. But how will u tell her????? 😐

  10. Damie Oyelade says:

    My dear, for M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥, the best thing is to hand her over to someone u think would be able to handle it ( a ‘female’ more precisely) and FLEE!!!!! U should check up on her once in a while though, maybe via a simple ‘non-implicating’ message and also get the ‘female’ u handed her over to, to give u updates…

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