Love in God’s House [Part 4]

Happy end of January 🙂
Today’s I have another story and I particularly like this one cause it’s like reading a journal, and I’ve always liked books written that way. A few I’ve read include “Guy Next Door” by Meg Cabot, “Imagine This” by Sade Adeniran, “Diary of Anne Frank”. But today isn’t about any of those wonderful writers, its about a woman admire, Damilola Dada. As we all know, all the stories are altered so don’t start tying any loose knots(LOL). Enough of my rambling, please enjoy the story.

Saturday, January 19,2013.
Querido Diario,
Today there were all kinds of meetings. I had EXCOs’ meeting, choir practice, EXCO prayer meeting, general prayer meeting and finally Core prayer meeting concurrently! I mean the concept of ‘tgif’ is totally lost on me. I’m real busy during the weekends and even busier is Le boo thanks to fellowship and all the various meetings. But I’m a pastor’s girlfriend and a unit director myself so who better to understand the need for these things than myself. I’m torn between being so upset about a potentially great day that I could have spent with Debo and joyfully sacrificing my time for the Kingdom. The only proper conversation we had was after the EXCOs’ meeting when he shouted for Director Tife (your’s truly) to ask for updates on official assignments the Presido had given me. He solemnly remind me that the deadline for my unit report had passed and my unit was delaying his report to the Presido. I told him I’d written it and would have it typed tomorrow before fellowship by a good friend. That made him smile because he knew I was referring to him – he’s my personal typist.

                                                                                                                                                                         . Sunday,January 20,2013.
Querido Diario,
Usually, I look forward to today because fellowship is in the evening so sometimes Debo and I get to spend the earlier parts of the day together. However, Le boo, being a final year medical student, had a test on Tuesday. I knew he hadn’t read much considering how Saturday went so we agreed he should spend the morning reading and he’d come for 3pm giving us about two hours before fellowship. At 2:15pm however, this text came in
“Babe some alumni came to town and we are discussing getting a new bus for fellowship with Presido. I’m not sure I can come again. So sorry – see you in fellowship”. . Things got worse however when I was summoned by Pastor Debo (one and the same Le boo) just before fellowship. I thought he was going to apologize for missing our date but instead he grilled me for not yet submitting the unit report to him and for coming late for pre-fellowship prayers. When asked my reason for coming late, by my Vice President, also Pastor-in-charge of my unit (and boyfriend) why I didn’t make pre-fellowship prayers, I almost said “Because I was packing the lunch you were supposed to eat when you came over” but I held my tongue and instead “No excuse sir” came out politely. He gave me a look that felt like he was both correcting me and begging me not to be offended; too late I already was. I didn’t wait to see him after fellowship.

Monday, January 21, 2013.
Querido Diario,
Debo and I both had school (Obviously,its Monday duh!) and spent the little free time we had talking on phone trying to make up without actually really talking about what had happened yesterday. I knew I should have submitted my report and I shouldn’t have come late so I understood his dilemma, especially of not wanting to come across as soft in handling me and my unit because we were dating. At the same time I bet he felt guilty when his roommate gave him the cooler of food I brought to fellowship for him – he’d thanked me thrice already. That gave me some sense of leverage – sue me for being human. His test was tomorrow so I freed him from long conversations and said we’d fix a date after his test.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Querido Diario,
He said his test wasn’t so good. I proposed to go down to UCH and pay him a visit but he reminded me he was going to preach tomorrow and he needed to rest and prepare his message. I figured he also just wanted to be alone. That kinda hurt considering the way the past few days have been but I guess his test must have really been bad so I decided I’d wait till after fellowship tomorrow to talk to him.
                                                                                   . Wednesday, January 23, 2013.
Querido Diario,
Fellowship was good. It’s usually weird when I lead praise and worship and Le boo comes to collect the mic to preach, I usually feel shy and it feels too much like Pastor and Pastor Mrs. thing (LOL). Great message by le boo, but I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong though. I waited after fellowship to see him. He had a couple of meetings with other unit directors but nothing I couldn’t endure. Or so I thought till I saw her waiting behind also. This 100level girl who rarely came for fellowship but ALWAYS wanted to see Debo about one boy matter or the other whenever she did show up. I groaned inwardly, why did she have to come today? Debo was really trying to get her rooted in fellowship and stuff so he wouldn’t want to blow her off. I waited for them to talk for like 20 minutes during which he kept glancing pleading glances at me begging me not to leave. I didn’t but he didn’t have much time to talk again. I asked him what was up but he just gave me that smile and said we should talk. I got the message; not here and now, later. Again we spent just like 15 minutes together.

Thursday, January 24,2013 Querido Diario,
 I had school from 10am to 3pm.  Le boo was free all morning and had school from 4 to 8pm. Oh! What annoying timing and twisted fate! #nuff said. Yeah that reminds me, Presido called asked how I was and mentioned that I had been coming late for meetings and submitted my unit report late, he also carefully but purposely mentioned my relationship with Debo in the convo. And in my mind I’m like I come late for three  fellowship meetings and submit my unit report late and that means my relationship is interfering with fellowship work? Sheesh! I didn’t do those things cos he is my boyfriend and I felt I could get away with them I did them cos I’m human! All this was said in my mind of course (dem no born me) but I felt very offended. Just said
“Ok sir” “No sir” “Yes sir” “Thanks sir” and “Bye sir”. I think he might have sensed I wasn’t too happy. I just hope I didn’t come across as disrespectful though.

Friday, January 25,2013.
Querido Diario,
 Le boo came and spent the whole day with me. Yay!!! (Thank God for divinely timed public holidays). We finally got to talk about what was bugging him. Balancing school and fellowship (and me I’m sure, although but he didn’t add that) was getting tougher. He had finals coming up in a few months and in school the pressure was on, most of his tests had not been as good as he wanted and he was just concerned. We talked about it, prayed about his exams and encouraged ourselves. I felt a little more sympathetic when he explained how he felt and I apologized for not believing the best about his commitment to me. He had a meeting with a group but he had asked for permission from Presido to be to be absent and replaced by someone else citing very important personal issues that have been left unattended to for so long (meaning me! *blush blush*). Presido was gracious enough to free him. Le boo said he knows I’d been through a hard week and he appreciated my understanding, patience and the meal. LOL! Out of my giddiness with glee I did something really spontaneous, I pecked him on the lips.  It wasn’t a big deal, but his reaction was a little weird – he held my face just as I pulled back like he didn’t want me to pull back then he looked at me weirdly and slowly let me go. I was a little confused. When I asked if he was fine, he flashed an indulgent smile, shook his head like he was slightly dazed and said a little too fine then muttered something about male anatomy and girls being completely clueless. I’m still not sure what he meant (exactly). Anyway, the rest of the visit was fabulous, we did nothing particularly – just watched a movie, talked and ate but that was fine by me. Didn’t realize how much I’d missed him till he was about to go. Was going to give him a front hug when he was leaving but he  dodged and made it a side hug (wonder what’s up with that too). All in all it was a fantastic day. And somehow I’m not dreading this weekend’s meetings. 😉


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  1. moi says:

    Le boo humanly reacted to the peck *wink and humanly avoided the hug *another wink, else he will be humanly distracted constantly at meetings and services. Nice Piece.

  2. tomie says:

    Lovely piece dami!so real n so captivating.cudnt stop until I got to d very end.I like it!

  3. luvdayo says:

    Hmm, nyc. I can actually picture this. Thanks . This is awesome!

  4. ranchosblog says:

    Of side hugs and the male anatomy. *Holds laugh*

    Much as I want to think of it as fiction, it’s just a little too real. In fact, more than a little real. The characters have faces and names. The dots simply must be connected. Amen somebody?

    I think I sympathize with Le VP and Le unit director. It’s hard to be firm in an official capacity on someone you love. Yes, from experience :|. The problem arises in juxtaposing the necessary harshness with the fact that you have to live with yourselves later. And yes, familiarity can breed contempt, which is the flip side of the coin. It takes maturity and not a little grace to find the right balance.

    Well written, Dami Dada. You write very well. I’d love to read more of your stuff.

    Btw, there were a few mistakes. Not ‘gbagauns’. Just typos. Printer’s devil. But nothing to detract from the story. Just saying be more careful next time 🙂

  5. AKK says:

    Lovely story Dami… U managed to capture various aspects of d story in one piece. Well done. Of pecks and hugs #nuffsed# hope to read more 4rm u *thumbsup*

  6. Adesola says:

    Well,nice piece,I must say.I can relate with d part where ‘ur pastor. Cmes to take d mic frm u aftr uve led praise and. Worship’ (dnt. Ask questns).*grins*. Bottom like,I lke d story,sequence of ideas and I also enjoy d format in whch it is writen

  7. Oqua says:

    Dami, this is great!!..just keep learning new things about u everyday!!…
    @that akward moment, I can imagine..haha

  8. amos says:

    i love this story

  9. Tinuola says:

    Steward Dami …ma! Wow awesome piece.
    A relationship between two people may look so
    Perfect and rosy on the outside….however it takes
    A lot of work patience love and grace to keep it going.
    Thank you for sharing a little piece of you.

  10. ayda says:

    Lovely story dami….kept me glued to my phone……”which is strange cos I’m actually prep’ing for a presentation at work tomoa…….”

  11. ayda says:

    Lovely story dami….kept me glued to my phone……”which is strange cos I’m actually prep’ing for a presentation at work tomoa…….” Would love to know what happened on sat..nd yeah….valentines day 😉

  12. victoria says:

    Le boo, Le boo, Le boo! Great Lee boo… I summon your courage oooo…. Wish all le boo’s can be such sensitive and Director Tife pls don’t lead Le boo into temptation less he losses concentration and kindles d burning fire… Great piece steward Dammy ( i expect more) !

  13. kayleb says:

    Really nice piece,looks too real tho (well maybe to me)…but in all it was lovely…the stories bn in part made me want more! But mehn ‘director tife’ really tried oh,to stomach all those stuffs…hmmn *lipsealed

  14. tolutimehin says:

    Lovely and encouraging!

  15. towseen(excidix creations) says:

    Nice nice piece boo, its s̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ real. I like the sequence and the appropriateness of expression. tnk God those days are over, looking forward to more recent ones*wink*

  16. damilola longe says:

    I loooooovvvvvvveeeeeee, was Lolling thru out *wink*

  17. supoadesina says:

    Hmm..good narrative and honesty…!!some of us can relate to it….*wink*..le boo is a strong man…looool!!

  18. supoadesina says:

    Hmm..good narrative
    and honesty…!!some of
    us can relate to
    it….*wink*..le boo is a
    strong man…looool!!!

  19. Gbaks says:

    Interesting read. Engaging. Real. Really enjoyed it!

  20. Feyisola says:


  21. Feyisola says:


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