What I miss about C4

I miss my corner in the room
How I could see my bed immediately I opened the door
I miss my disorderly table and how I could never find anything on it
I miss my floor
With water always running and the bathroom floors always wet
I am so grateful I managed never to slip once
I miss seeing everybody that passed from my corridor and shouting
“You didn’t see me,abi?”
My annoying form of greeting

Thick curtains have replaced my transparent material
Blue walls have replaced the cream bright ones
I’ve reversed roles from being the one water is poured on, to pouring water
I hope I don’t offend anyone in the process

I miss C4 and all it perks
I miss hearing D-block topmost floor girls’ shout
And the music from the guys who could pass as DJs in their next lives
I miss not having to climb stairs to get to my room
I miss my friends on C-block- Ore and Kemi
Having to collect fresh tomatoes and pepper for fried eggs
And leaving my phone in my room while I spend hours in their rooms
I miss making pancakes and having to share them with a lot more people than I bargained

But what tops my list is you,
I miss you the most, Chibuzor Babalola
We had our “not-so-bad” times and also our good times
All our talks and gists
All our meal-sharing
I miss reading and asking you questions, you always have the right answers
You’re such a genius
I remember how just a sentence from you encouraged me through a hard time
You’ll always be remembered as a voice of wisdom
I miss watching you argue with Tiwatayo and Michael
And you cook with that your small spoon
You would sit on your laptop for hours,
Back bent while watching some random series you downloaded again,
And then stay up at night to read
I see greatness in you
One year with you, and I’m thankful
I wish you the best things life has to offer
Thank you for being my room-mate.


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