I Love Him

Because He loved me first.

Ever stopped to think about it? To think about how much the phrase “God loves you” rings true?
Well, this morning I did again. And somehow, it just makes everything make sense.
I think about the wonderful people I’m surrounded with, the ones who talk even when I’m not listening, who He silently uses to remind me of His love. He tells me again that I’m loved. By Him and by people.
He’s father to my father and father to me. He makes up for all the inadequacies my father has. He gives me the things my father can’t provide. Or anyone else in fact. Sometimes, without my asking.
He loves me.
He gives me not what I want and ask for, but what I need. That’s pretty hard. Hearing me whine for one thing but knowing it won’t be good for me, He gives me what I really need instead.
He loves me.
So when I’m down and kicking myself for doing something wrong even though I know better, He’s waiting for me to turn my back of shame that is facing Him and see how He loves me regardless cause nothing I can do will make Him love me less. And He already sent His only begotten son to pay a price for that.
He loves me.
Sometimes its unbelievable. Incomprehensible.
So I’ve stopped trying to understand why or how much He loves me.
I’m learning to bask in His love.
Learning to live my life in response to a love so strong it compels me.
Because of His love, tough times pass quickly. Burdens are lighter. Situations are easier.
He loves me so He’ll bring me through it.
He loves me so why should I be worried about stuff happening even though I can’t explain them?
He loves me, so He won’t hurt me.
He loves me.
He loves me regardless of my peg-shaped incisors and my obvious forehead. He loves me with my poor eyesight. He loves me with my annoying nature.
I’m accepted in the beloved.
He loves me with arms so wide I can’t see where they reach. Sometimes I just want to sit on His knees, give Him a big hug and a peck on His cheek and say,
God, I don’t know what I would do without You but I don’t ever want to know. Thank you for loving me so much. I love you too


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Bola says:

    He loves me I cannot say why. Really lovely piece

  2. periola says:

    God bless you father. The Father’s love is just incomprehensible…

  3. periola says:

    Rather…God Bless you Rolayo……Seeing God as a Father makes a whole lots of difference

  4. victoria says:

    The depth of his love i cannot fathom… Its all over me…overhelmed by him…thank u father bcos u 1st loved me… I love u 2… Tnks sis…Remain blessed!

  5. amos says:

    He loves us all

  6. soomteestar says:

    this piece is sooo refreshing. A reassurance us of God’s love is key as pple don’t believe so uch anymur bcos of life’s challenges bt u just brought it all back. thank u so much.

  7. Chioma says:

    i wont regard it as mere coincidence that i came across this wonderful piece….i was at a point where i really needed assurance that His love for me is unfathomable and unwavering in spite of all that iv done……….God bless u immensely.

  8. On His unconditional,profound,eternal,perfect,
    committed Love….Love that will always blow our minds..There really are no alternatives to the True definition of Love and Commitment…#GODALONE

    The Love of God,immense and immeasurable is the reality of God to us.Its in those marked expressions of (Love-backed)
    mercies,intervention,blessings and deliverance that the reality of God is reaffirmed….That we can say,”There is indeed a God!”
    He is Love afterall…

    Thanks for sharing…

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