Heaven’s Tears

Based on a true life story…

I watch them arrive in a convoy
They have all come from far and near to be with us
To comfort us at this time
And to pay their last respect to him
He had been a brother to some and boss to others and friend to most if not all
But he had been father to Dapo and I
A few of them have bloodshot eyes
The women mostly
My father was a good man
They come and pat my back and say kind words
I’m sure they expected tears
But the tears don’t come

Service is short
Reminds me of our mother’s funeral
Only this time, there’s no widowed spouse
Instead children who have become orphans
You would think it’ll be easier the second time around and being older would make the pain more bearable
But it isn’t
It feels worse
I cried when we lost her,but I can’t bring the tears to come now

Dad is finally being laid to rest
His coffin gets lowered into the ground by the pallbearers
We had picked out one he would have picked out for himself, brown mahogany with silver-plated embellishments
The minister says the words “Dust to dust” as I pour the dirt on it
I feel a rain drop on my forehead as I take my second heap with the shovel
The heavens weep for us
But even then the tears don’t come, they simply refuse to

The last guest is taking her leave, promising to call and check on us
Telling us to take heart and reassuring us of the good the future held
We thank her and said “Amen” to her prayers
Then we are left alone
I stare at my father’s chair
It’s empty
Just like this house
He’s not here to tell another story or laugh at another joke
Home isn’t the same without him
I miss his presence
It finally dawns on me that he’s gone for real
Slowly, the tears come
I hear thunder outside the window
Then the heavy downpour
Heaven cries with me.

Dedicated to anyone that has ever lost a parent. May God comfort you until the perfect day.


16 Comments Add yours

  1. chinweezy says:

    I can totally relate.

  2. 'Dele Anthonio says:

    Thanks dear. A beautiful piece. Very touching. Well done

  3. amos.alayande@gmail.com says:


  4. Hummm. Only those that have lost a parent can totally relate. It can’t be such a wow experience when a true parent is gone. So to such people I pray God comforts them and to those that might not have I say show love.

  5. Vernon says:


  6. Sigmünd Einsteïn says:

    Beautiful story

  7. Folabi Pojo says:

    Quite touching.

  8. Got the same inspiration on Saturday. Haven’t published yet tho. Anoda beautiful piece. The emotional torment was real. Heaven sure wept then. I guess “we” did ours on Friday night and Saturday.
    Nice one,Rolls.

    1. ayanriyike says:


  9. Edgothboy says:

    Touching piece.

  10. Combwalker says:

    And so have we, on reading this. (haven’t got any adequate words) but you’ll have my prayers- and those of your parents, definitely.

  11. adebukonla says:

    AMEN nd heal deir wounds. Touching! I hope u r working on ur novel alredy…can’t wait.

  12. sleekgirl101 says:

    I can only imagine. Only God can truly comfort not relatives nor friends. Nice piece!

  13. Tinuola says:

    Thank you.

  14. Thanks for publishing this amazing piece, ‘Rolayo. I really can identify. My dad went home a couple of years ago. The pain and hurt brings me down sometimes. But now, I look on to the day the Great Grave Robber, Jesus Himself, will give that call, and he will awake along with all the others asleep in Christ. What a Grand Reunion in joy that Day will be! Looking on to That always gives me hope. Funny how what the enemy plans for evil, God turns out for good.
    Once again, thank you. And God bless you indeed!

  15. May God comfort all in this situation,amen.

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