Bad News

I love you

Even though no one, myself inclusive,seems to understand why
And I honestly deserve better
Despite the flaws you have and the uncommon grounds we share
I love you still

I love you
Regardless of the many hurtful things you’ve said
And the snide remarks you’ve made
All my messages that have been ignored and gifts that don’t get appreciated
I sit by my phone waiting for you to call or text
I make excuses for you in my head then dial your number again
You tell me you’re busy and you’ll call back
Then the wait starts again
I’m not keeping count
So I’ll try to forget the distress calls I’ve answered at ungodly hours and the snobbish treatment I got the mornings after
I love you still

I love you
All my friends say you’ll take what’s left of my fragile heart and destroy it
Like you have many times before
You’re the kinda girl my Mamma warned me about
The type she prays everyday that I don’t fall prey to
I guess she isn’t praying enough
Cause you’ve got me following you like a lamb being led to slaughter
I love you still

I love you
With your foul mouth and saucy tongue
Your haughty eyes and turned-up nose
You’re bad for me, yes I know
But I love you still

You’re like my kryptonite and my heroin
I’m addicted to you
You’ve told me time and time again that I’m not what you want
I keep hanging around
Waiting for the day you’ll turn around and see
That I’m the one you’ve been looking for

Sometimes I start to walk away
Searching for someone who’ll love me the way I’ve loved you
I take ten steps forward, and then I find my way back to you
Cause no one else will do
Though your heart belongs to someone else
I love you still.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. 'Dele Anthonio says:

    Sad but true. Interesting article. Reminds me of someone i once knew.

  2. Tinuola says:

    *sigh* …. You spoke my heart.

  3. I am so grateful that I have left this…state behind and I pray that I never go back. It is such a terrible place to be in and speaks more of oneself than who isnt returning the “love”.
    This is not even love and I speak from experience…so many people go through this in the name of “love” but it is so far from it…
    LoL…I could write a book on this mess men

  4. Tolutimehin says:

    *misty eyed* so sad, I wish nobody have to go through this though but I think it’s inevitable.

  5. etyro says:

    This was me 2008, I can so relate. Emotions were palpable.

  6. Barbie. says:

    Beautiful n sad piece….dis is a luv web we get entangled wen we luv d wrong one right.

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