BO and MO

One day I saw a tweet by the American President and he signed it with “BO” and I thought for a second he meant the thick unpleasant smell that emanates from the axilla or skin of some people who do not take adequate care of themselves and their hygiene. And then it occurred to me again that if his beautiful wife was going to sign a tweet, she’ll use “MO” which is also the acronym for another characteristic smell. Have you ever been in a commercial bus before- not BRT o, there’s a lot of space in that one, I mean a tight danfo or molue- and your neighbor is producing this fragrance that doesn’t glorify God or man sef?

Imagine going from Berger to Amuwo-Odofin, or to Apata from Agodi Gate. You are sitting on the second row and this young man is trying to make friends with you because you are wearing your customized Arsenal jersey that shows you are a fan of his favorite club. When you entered the bus, you thought it was the area that had the foul smell and you shouted “driver, abeg let’s move from here”, but five minutes from your take-off point,the horrible smell is still on. It later occurs to you that this might be a test of long-suffering. “God have mercy! Is this body odour?” His words break your string of thought.
“Hey! You are gunner? Up Arsenal”.  You really regret wearing this jersey today, who knew it was going to attract such a nauseating odour?

“Seriously?! I hope this young man won’t be talking throughout this journey?!”
“Yes I am”, you reply hastily without even turning towards him.
“Ehen? That’s good. I’m also a gunner. We are going to win the premier league this season o and I even predict we’ll win Bayern Munich 6-0”

As much as you want to tell him how you think its impossible for Arsenal to win Bayern six goals to nil, you don’t want to argue because you are feeling so uncomfortable in the ride. The combination of BO and MO is making you dizzy. The man doesn’t stop.
“Bros, you know our manager is a very sharp man”. The talking continues and you can even feel his saliva drop on your skin as he takes the discussion personally.

“O wa o!”
Getting down and taking another bus seemed like the only way out. The man just needs to have his bath morning and night, buy a deodorant and maybe a perfume. A perfume won’t help as much as a deodorant, it  will only “adorn” and make an attempt in beautifying the outside, the inside will still be dirty. The man also needs to brush his mouth,  at least in the morning and at night, preferably after meals. He would also have to improve his hygiene tremendously.

But the issue now is that the man may not even be aware of his odour. He may not know that his smell is unpleasant to people around him.  Now imagine Mr. BO and MO is you. Imagine if you could smell yourself . If only we could access ourselves and treat ourselves before we embarrass ourselves in public.

And I’m not talking bout physical smell alone. Are you sure your behavior doesn’t stink to people around you and you yourself aren’t unaware? Are you sure you don’t even stink to God and all your offerings and sacrifices of going to church are not pleasing to Him? Are you sure you don’t have to look at your spiritual hygiene and clean it up?

You see, its very possible that we look fine to ourselves and in fact, to a few people around us (because they are already familiar with the smell, they don’t even know we stink) but we are constituting a nuisance to God and to the environment. Recently, I decided to re-assess myself and I realized I might have had a stench(Note – taking I said HAD cause I’m working on myself and trying to maintain proper spiritual hygiene) .What am I getting at? When food is left on the stove overnight without heat, it starts to spoil because the germs in the environment start to contaminate it. So like in my own house, we warm left-over food every morning, (I know some of you rich folks eat only fresh food but anyway, try to get my point). 

As Christians, if we just stay there and apply no heat, the environment has its on way of contaminating our minds and values. Without consciously knowing it, we conform to this world normally. That’s why Romans 12:11 tells us to stay aglow in the spirit, to be fervent in spirit is what King James says.
Here’s what I’m saying: Avoid smelling to God and to the public, staying fervent in God is the key. God makes us pure and clean. Are you lax in your christian walk? Do you read the word of God less and do not pray in the spirit as much? You are probably smelling. That can change before the new year guys. So work on that odour and BE A SWEET SMELLING SAVOR TO GOD.

NB: I admire Barack and Michelle Obama and I don’t  hope to disrespect them in anyway. And if you have a friend with any kind of odour, show them some love, tell them nicely and help them get rid of it.
Yours faithfully,
Tiwatayo Olu Lash


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  1. The Lens Lady says:

    I like this

  2. Dami Daniels says:

    Lovely write up. Loved the analogies, full of humor but still managed to hit the nail smack on the head. Definitely a food for thought as the year rounds off. May we not be smellos IJN, amen.

  3. Funmbi says:

    Ofcourse! The very essence. A continual refreshing in the presence of God. God help us.

  4. oyinkansola says:

    Awesome! Witty and serious at the same time.

  5. Sigmund Einstein says:


  6. seun says:

    I like the write up. The analogies are “on point”. Keep up the good work!

  7. says:

    Woow…a blessd piece..thks so much

  8. Feyisola says:

    Wow…perfect analogy, great message. Thank you.

  9. Tinuola says:

    Funny and true. Thank you Sir.

  10. adetola says:

    So on point Lash!

  11. Oluwatomi Adeoti says:

    Nice and with a key message. 2 Cor. 2:14 says it all- we are meant to spread the fragrance of God in every place. May we receive more grace to do this in the coming year.

  12. sanmi says:


  13. ti says:

    I would also add that our lives should not be like Smoke in God’s nostrils. Nice one Tiwatayo. God bless you for this

  14. oyinda says:

    Nice writeup.
    Food for thought for d year 2014.

  15. Damie Oyelade says:

    Wow!!! Definately food for thought towards 2014. . .*new year resolution tins* Thanks Pastor Lash!!

  16. Bosede says:

    Thank you for this!! 🙂

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