Thank You Everyone

This morning I got my annual report from WordPress. I’m all smiles because I wasn’t exactly a good student this year but I still had about 6800 views! Wow! Next year we’ll hit the 10000 mark.  I promise that no matter what blog or website or magazine takes me away,  I’ll always come back to you my faithful readers.

I already gave a brief overview of my year on 19th Street but I still need to say a few “thank you” – s.
My Father up there,  Thank You for being the One in charge. If I got to have my way like I always want to, my life would be a mess. But you always ALWAYS come through for me. Thank You. I love You.

My parents – Words can’t express my thanks, Thank you both for giving me so much from your little. I hope one day to spoil you both silly!

Family- Thank you for the love and support. Special thanks to Uncle Tunde Adegoke, you put a big smile on my face.

Friends – Very long list.
RBCF 2K11- great people, great friends.  Love and appreciate you guys. You keep hope alive. 
Nimi – thank you for your friendship. We are storming 2014 sweetheart.
Ore- He makes all things beautiful in His time.
Laolu – His ways are not our ways *wink*

Dammy – 2013 was a roller coaster but you’re stronger and wiser. 2014 is bringing lots of smiles with it.
Vese- I’ll miss you when you graduate,  along with Dammy and Tinu,  but I’m secretly happy this strike happened so we’ll have more time to make memories.

Lasebikans- 🙂 Thank you.

Bolanle – I found a new friend in you this year.  Thank you for making your stay a pleasant one.

Aunty B and Ayomide- God bless you for all you do. I’ve learnt a lot by just watching you both, and a lot more by working with you.

Uncle Jibs – There are some people you meet, and they take from you, some even leave you empty but you…  Only God can bless you for me.  Thank you again.

Joshua – when I said last year that 2013 had a lot in store for you, you probably didn’t take me seriously, but look where you are now. That’s just a mustard seed compared to what 2014 will bring.

Olumi – You make everyday worth celebrating. I appreciate you and I’m more than grateful for you. This is just the beginning for us. The sun just started rising in our sky even if they say it’s too bright. They haven’t seen anything yet.

H&K,  thank you for giving me a voice. Thank you to you, reading this, for stopping by to hear what I have to say. I like to see myself as another cryer in the market place of bloggers and I’m honored to have you as my audience. H&K wouldn’t be without your views, comments, likes and shares.

We won’t have a better last year  cause it only gets better, and our paths continually shine brighter and brighter.
Cheers to 2014!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LASH says:

    On behalf of the Lasebikans, you are welcome 😀
    On behalf of Olumi, Amen in Jesus name.

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