A Year With You

Beyonce – You are my rock
If I wrote a book about where we stand
Then the title of my book would be “Life with Superman”
That’s how you make me feel
I count you as a privilege
This love is so ideal
I’m honored to be in it…

Do I have starry eyes when I look at you?
Do the birds stop to sing when we’re together?
Maybe not,  but none of it matters
What matters is that I’m in love with you
And everything else makes sense now

God takes good care of His own
That’s why He gave you to me
To brighten up my day and my life
To show me there’s someone up there who rules over the affairs of men
You are an evidence that there’s truly a God

The past year has been magical
A dream come true
Everything I’ve ever wanted I found in you
Your kind heart, your noble and honorable ways
My perfect gentleman
The respect you earn when you walk into a room
You make me want to be a better person

I love seeing your face when you’ve eaten till your satisfied
And when your nose is all scrunched up when you have to do the dishes or served rice and stew without dodo
Ebony and Ivory
Milk and chocolate
You eat all my food so I stay the same while you add flesh to all your bony areas
Now we are rocking almost the same length of hair

I cherish the moments we shared
Our arguments have made us better
Our mistakes have made us wiser
Our prayers have made us stronger
I’m still a stubborn troublesome lady but love always wins, doesn’t it?
We still have a long way to go, but we’re in this together
It’s a journey worth taking

Our trips, our dances, even shared silent moments
Days when we’ll exhaust all our money on an expensive treat but bask in the contentment of having each other
With you by my side, everything is better
I’m a better person because of you

The times you surprised me
And you did a lot of that
Days we prayed together
For ourselves, for our families, for friends and for our future together
I really don’t know what I would do without you
And no, it’s not because you drive me around town, I appreciate that by the way
It’s cause when I’m somewhere without you, I feel like a part of me is missing
I laugh at jokes alone, capture snapshots of moments in my mind so I can relate them to you when we’re together
You’re my best friend,  my lover,  my teacher, my partner…
You are my rock…

If I were to try to count the ways you make me smile
I’d run out of fingers before I run out of timeless things to talk about…

The little things you do
The sweet words you say
I’m not lucky to have you, I’m blessed
The memories we make not even knowing we are making them
The support you give when I’m almost giving up
My sunshine on a cloudy day
Making you happy makes me happy
I’m proud to call you mine
My man

If there’s options I don’t want them
They’re not worth my time
Cause if it’s not you, oh no thank you I like us just fine
You’re my rock in a sand
You’re my smile in a cry
You’re my joy through the pain
You’re the truth through the lies
No matter what I do
I know that I can count on you

Some day soon, if Christ tarries and the heavens permit,
I hope to walk down an aisle with you waiting for me at the end of it
I appreciate everything you’ve been to me
One year but it feels like five
Thank you for all you’ve been to me
My sugar-daddy and my baby
My best friend and my boo
My teacher and my partner
I pray our love grows finer like wine
And purer like refined gold

I love you Tiwatayo Lasebikan
Thank you for an amazing year
This is just the beginning.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. amos.alayande@gmail.com says:

    Lovey nwa tin tin….enjoy

  2. Adebowale Mosope says:

    Nice piece rolayo, for the first time in a long while i sat down to read a long poem, and thats cos every word said were sincere words. Thumbs up

  3. Eri Jibowo says:

    This is the most adorable and heartfelt poem I’ve read in a while(or ever?)! God bless you both!

  4. Mobolaji says:

    Been reading through your blog and all I can say is–well done! Did your bf go to I.S.I, looks familiar. sorry if I’m bugging.

    1. Hi! You are not bugging at all! Thank you. And yes, he did.

  5. kutekc says:

    Love that can shout out loud! Yas! Your head must be bursting seeing that what you said 5years ago is coming to past in 9 days! Congrats dearie. #weturnup

  6. OlatiwaTide lash says:

    This is simply amazing

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