What I Have Been Up To

Hello Good People!

I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I have been and why this place has been dormant for a while. Well, a blog post about my victories in the past few months will be up soon. I promise to share God’s faithfulness towards me so you can all be encouraged by my testimony soon. But that not why I am here today.
Even though I have been away from here, I have been busy writing. Really busy in fact.
There’s Yes or No , The Thinking Boy, The Elevator, Letter to Heaven, Bolade, and The Groom. I am certain you will like them all. Also today, a new series by yours truly was launched on The Naked Convos . I am super excited but I don’t want to go through this alone without you guys so I’m inviting you to join me; read, share, comment, criticize…
Here’s a link for the preview Keeping Up Appearances.
So get a good sit,make yourself comfortable and enjoy the coming weeks.
Who knows? Maybe we might even have our own series here on H&K!
Stay expectant and thank you as always!


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