For Our Fathers (Finale) : My Real Daddy


Good evening!
This is the final post in this series and if I can say so myself, it has been a wonderful one. I want to thank everyone that featured :
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Ojuolape @JuolaO
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And to the designer of all the beautiful images @kunmi_owopetu.
It has been a great honor having each and every one of you on Heartstrings and Keynotes. Please feel free to stop by anytime you want.
And to you- our readers, thank you for staying with us.
To our Fathers, thank you for being who you are and for making us who we are. We appreciate you. We celebrate you.
Today’s story is by me @pizzazz890.

For Uncle Tunde Adegoke

I remember going through albums of me as a child and seeing you by my side. Of course, neither you nor mother ever gave me a good-enough reason for why I didn’t have first birthday party pictures like the other kids in my class. Now, in hindsight, I am grateful you lied to me. I needed to unearthen the truth myself.

I grew up stubborn and tough. I wasn’t ready to bend to your rules. Blame puberty and forgive me. I wanted to be a lady by myself. You wanted to guide me. But I pushed you away.

I watched you go on to love Sade and Folake. I rebelled more. Mother brought out the whip, while you pleaded  with your eyes. You winced at every lash but you never stopped her. You knew it was for my good. I hated you for it. I hated Sade and Folake for taking you from me.

Then that cruel day came, the day I found out the truth. The day all my age long questions got answered. Why I was fair-skinned when everyone else in the family had beautiful chocolate skin. Why my hair wasn’t lustrous like the twins’ and mothers.

“Why is another man’s name on my birth certificate Mother?”. I still remember the tremble in my voice. I was trying to be strong, trying to brace myself for the truth.
“We need to talk, Mayowa.”, and talk we did. She told me everything about myself. I was a bastard. My father didn’t want me. My self-esteem crashed that night. I couldn’t understand how anyone else would want me if my own father didn’t. And I let a man who I had never met control me.

You tried all you could. You loved me through it all but I rejected your love. I hated you. I cursed you. I  made you pay for his mistakes. But you never stopped. Even when I stopped picking your calls and I stopped coming home, you still reached out to me. You stretched out that olive branch, but I was too stupid to see clearly. I was blinded by rage to recognize true unblemished love.

I searched for him and I found him. I thought finding him would fix me. I wanted him to accept me and be my daddy. I recognized the lanky figure and the brown hair and knew where my looks came from. My heart skipped for joy, but only for a while. He didn’t smile back when I smiled. He didn’t hug me
back when I hugged him. I left feeling emptier and more hopeless.
You found me in bed, overdosed, on the verge of death. You saved my life. My hero.

Daddy. I know I haven’t called you that in a while. That’s what you are to me- my daddy. I may have his looks, but you gave me your heart. You taught me everything I know. You made me a woman. You loved me like I was the fruit of your loins. I was a fool, but you looked beyond my foolishness. I am forever grateful to you.

As you know, I found a man, one like you, who will love me when I am lovable and when I’m not. I just need one last thing to make sure I’m in safe hands. I need you to walk me down that aisle and place my hand in his. Will you do me this honour, Daddy?

Fathers are not just those who give us life, but those who teach us how to live.
Dedicated to  my father, Dr. Ayo Williams and my friend’s dad, Dr. Akuse and to every man who plays the role of a father.


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  1. Tosmak says:

    Nice one @pizzaz890 ! I enjoyed all d articles in this for our fathers series.

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