For Our Fathers : My Daddy Said

                                      By @omotookelonge


‘Dami Dami, it’s very simple, two times two is four, when you put two in two places, you get four… it’s not I want to baff, it’s I want to take my bath… What is the plural of goose and what is the past participle of give?’
I’ll always get a rewarding, “Good girl!” anytime I answered correctly. 

‘Her retinas are detaching, if we don’t do something soon, she’ll be blind’, Dr Hassan told my dad with empathy in his eyes. ‘Her only hope is laser surgery and it costs N50,000’, he continued. I don’t really remember much about that incident that took place in Eye Foundation way back in 1997 when N50,000 was a lot of money, but I remember this, “Well, we’ll do it, she’s my only daughter and I love her so much. I’m just glad we know what it is”, my dad said as he looked down at me.

“Go and get me the eba stick!!!!! I will give you six strokes!!!!! You’re the eldest, you’re responsible for your brothers’ behavior.”

“Dami, Dami, are you busy, mo fe ba e soro? See your mother, talk to her. See how she’s behaving. I don’t like it!!!!!! Ma ba iya e s’oro.

Everyone says I look like my dad, from the moment I was born till now. My mother will always,” How pesin go use everything resembu her papa I no know”. She’s urhobo by the way,  you know how their pidgin is. Anyway, I digress. 

‘In this house,  you will wake up early!!!! Gbogbo iwa pala pala ole duro nii ile yii!!!!!!!!’ DAMILOLA!!!!!!! Go and wake your brothers up!!!!!!!’

My dad believes in waking up early, early meaning 4am. That’s really cool yeah, waking up early and stuff, but I’m a firm believer in the Lord grants His beloved sleep. Or I was. LOL.

“Are you sure you want to be a doctor? If it’s money you want to make, don’t go into medicine o.”

‘No more Channel O in this house. That channel is ungodly and there shall be sanctions if I see anyone watching it. E ti gbo o.’

‘My dear daughter, don’t marry or even be friends with anyone who will make you feel guilty about anything or be intimidated by you in any way. People like that will hinder your progress in life.’

‘You can’t afford to be careless, as a doctor,  carelessness is very costly.’

‘When should I wake you up to study?’ 

During his master’s program in 2005, my dad and I became study buddies, we both had to blast our exams.

‘Dad, I need money and the total is N10,000.’

‘You can’t just come and ask for money like that. Write your list and show your mum, then bring it to me when she has adjusted it.’

I think my dad spoiled me the more, there’s nothing I ask for he doesn’t give me. Well, there’s this seventy grand human hair I want to get. If I hear say my Papa gimme 70k for human hair.

‘Dami Dami, don’t worry, the exam has passed. You’ll do well next year ok? Move on. Learn from your mistakes and move on and don’t live in fear. ‘

One of his favourite clauses, move on. When I failed my MB part one, that clause just spurred me on. 

‘No matter what happens to you, always know that you can come home anytime.  We’re always here for you.’

He was there for me when my relationship broke down.

He said, ‘Just move on’.

My dad and I have a really special relationship. I can tell Him everything. Well at least almost everything. I just couldn’t tell my dad that I was pregnant. Just couldn’t.

‘Hello Damilola, your mum said you didn’t see your period. Is that true?’

He came to see me the following day, my dad wept. I’ve never seen him weep. But his perfect angel was pregnant and still in medical school and very unmarried. 

He said words I’ll never forget.

“I do not feel like loving you, but like God, I’m compelled to even after  this evil and wicked thing you have done to us. We’ve given you everything and this is how you can repay us. But, I will love you and support you and you are not to see that boy till further notice, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU AND PAY YOUR BILLS.”

My mum said to me, “Shebi Odun is going to be a father soon, he’ll soon know how it feels.”

Odun said to me, “He’s overreacting, ahn ahn, I won’t overreact like that.”

“I don’t believe that you and your dad talk everyday,  what do you guys talk about?”. Odunayo always wonders.

He chuckled when I told him I was in labour, “Don’t worry, God has perfected it”.

He named her Ebunpataki, his  first granddaughter, my daughter, a spectacular gift. 

Just the other day, Odun was watching channel o and he said,”Ha!!!! No Channel O in this house!!!!”

‘Dami, we have to start waking up early. Everyone should start their day early. You can’t just sleep till 10 when you have things to do.’

He has a daughter that is he carbon copy. I guess he’s beginning to know how it feels to be a father. He has begun his own journey. 

I love you daddy,  my hero, my action figure. He’ll slay dragons for me, that I know. 



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Daddy Moyo says:

    Are you sure you want to be a doctor? You know I’ve said you will make us more money from your writing. I want Ferrari o. Il ovey ou.

    1. Daddy Moyo don’t jonz it o. At least, salary will be regular as a doctor.

  2. omotooke says:

    Lol, you’ll get ferrari my dear

  3. Arikel'omo says:

    Awwww, beautiful and touching write-up. I enjoyed every word of it.

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