Your Little Girl

It’s been two years since they took her away
Even if the world isn’t counting, you are
Even if the world forgets, you don’t
They say it’s better for you to lose your child to death than for your child to go missing
The nightmares have reduced, though you still see her in the face of every teenage girl that walks past you
Normalcy has slowly returned back into your life, even though you don’t want it without her.

Then you hear about the video
It’s your neighbor that comes to inform you about it first,
You wonder what she is talking about
Then she shows you, it’s a video of the girls
You immediately see her face
You want to reach out and pull her out of the 5″screen
You want to remove those clothes of despair they’ve made her wear
But you can’t
Once again, you are reminded of how you failed to protect your little girl
A dagger has been put into the wound that refuses to heal and it hurts all over again.

Don’t lose hope.
Where there is life, there is hope
Someday soon she will be in your arms again
Be strong for her
Be strong.

#bringbackourgirls #chibokgirls #2yearson


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