Tell Me Something

I have some questions. Permit me to ask please.

How do you do it?
How do you live like it never happened?
Like those years of your life never were and this is a brand new you?
Years of sharing the events of your day with this special someone and you can live today like the person never existed
Even pencils leave marks no matter how hard you erase
So how do you forget so easily?
How does someone who was your everything become just another face on the street?
Do you forget the kisses?
The smell of their perfumes and the jokes you shared?
Do you walk away, shut the door and never ever fiddle with the key in your pocket?
How do you sleep so soundly
Knowing the one you once called “soul mate” is asking questions about what went wrong?
I used to think if a glass window got shattered because of a stone throw, we changed the glass
But these days, we move out of the house
Leaving behind the pictures on the walls and their old shoes
Leaving broken hearts behind
Selective amnesia is an easy diagnosis
And you expect them to be strong, to move on
But how do you want them to do that when moving on for them was a future with you?
Don’t you hurt also?
Like a tide from the ocean, you collapse the castles you were building together
And expect it all to be okay.

Tell me how you do it,
Tell me how you tell your heart to stop loving the one who taught it to love in the first place.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Amos says:

    Some People don’t really move, they keep looking back, and what hurts the most is knowing you can’t have what you just lost… Then someone else tells you, dude life happens…

    Hope this is only a write up dear.

  2. To break a habit, you create another habit, you just have to remind yourself daily, taking one day at a time and celebrating your not looking back weekly or bimonthly

  3. domgrel says:

    It’s a matter that has to do with the heart and believe me, the heart dictates how it operates with only little input from the brain. Every breakup will start showing classical signs from like 3-6 months before the real deal, so the heart start learning adaptive mechanisms but in a lot of cases, you don’t 100% kill the emotions, it lingers

  4. pearlz says:

    Hmmmmmn, the day I ever figure out how shutting out a loved one works.. .then I will be able to give a reply, because I never seem to understand how a darling just becomes another face lost in the crowd

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