Letter to Mama

Dear Mama,
It’s another mother’s day this year,
And you are still here.
You don’t know how good it feels to know that whenever I call, you are on the other side of the line,
Listening to me pour out my heart
Rejoicing with me when it’s good news
Comforting me when it’s otherwise.
You are my rock.

I guess it’s true what they say
That you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Because I only ask one thing of you sometimes-
To be selfish and take care of yourself
But you never listen,
You always put the needs of others before yours.
You are selfless.

I know this is a past you want to put away forever
But seeing the alarming rate of unfortunate incidents, permit me to open up an old wound Mama.

I want to thank you for leaving him,
I know I was young then and it may seem like I didn’t know much,
But I am older and wiser now.
You could have stayed,
Stayed to make us look like a happy family,
Stayed so my friends and teachers wouldn’t ask me where my daddy was.
You could have listened to all of them when they told you to endure the beatings and be patient,
When they opened the Bible and showed you only scriptures of how to be submissive and what a good wife should be.
You took it all; the rejection from your family, the criticism from your church and the abuse from him.
You took it all for me.

But thank you for deciding you had had enough Mama, on that horrible day when he almost killed you and I tried to save you, and he almost killed me too.
Something in you snapped when you saw his hands around my neck,
Like you were the only one who he could do that to, you could take the beatings for both of us but you wouldn’t let him torture me too.
That day, you saved both our lives.

I know we had a rough start, a really rough one,
But look where we are today
Together, we grew stronger, we pulled through.
I still hear the gossips some times,
But they don’t know about us.

Thank you Mama
For being brave
Thank you for choosing me
Thank you Mama,
You are my hero.

Happy Mother’s Day.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nimi says:

    Well said. Well written. Tres belle.

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