Lagos Corper : Under The Sun

Swearing-in Day 

Registration ended officially at 12 midnight, so today, we cease being prospective corp members and become gentlemen corpers. 

I woke up with a running tummy. I thought I could control it until I got to the parade ground and I feared that I was going to embarrass myself. I told a female soldier, who asked me to sit down when what I really needed to do was use the ladies. Another soldier understood my plight and asked me to go. I went to the staff clinic, and after waiting for my turn, I got some tablets of Metronidazole. 

The cleaners had just finished with the toilets and bathrooms so it was in decent condition. Oh the joy! 

I waited for parade to end before going to get my khaki set from the tailor. I paid #800 for the adjustment and #200 for ironing. My jungle boots however, had now gone from being a size too small to a size too big after I swapped them with a roommate. 

My friends and I found the coffee spot – #200 for a cup of steaming hot coffee with extra milk. This became a regular during my stay in camp. 

We proceeded to the clinic to draw up a roster for dentists seeing as no one had done so. We were just 4 dentists who registered so our roster was pretty easy to draw. We then proceeded to make tags that said “Dentist on Duty” which we wore on the other side of our state code tags. 

I got weary of the type of water I drank after that day, I stuck to bottled water brands that weren’t NYSC SAED bottled water and I was fine. I also used Loperamide and my tummy behaved for the rest of the day. 

When I got back to my room to dress up for the swearing-in ceremony, girls were going all out. Makeup pallettes and brushes were all over the place. Every girl was a makeup artist and a half. I realized that day, that girls really didn’t do makeup for the male folks cause they wouldn’t even know the difference, but for the next girl who would ask what bronzer or highlighter she used to make her face “pop”. 

I got to the parade ground and wondered if there was any highlighter left in the market. I was tempted to touch some ladies’ faces and rub off some of the bronzer on their cheekbones for mine. The sight was almost blinding. All shades of fountain were plastered on people’s faces and I blame NYSC authorities for not putting enough mirrors in our dormitories. 
The swearing-in ceremony went on for about an hour, with the governor’s representative’s speech being the highlight of the occasion. 

We signed forms and submitted them to our platoon officials and then it was siesta time, at least for me. Others went for camp food and stayed up gisting but I cherish my beauty sleep. I was rudely interrupted by a phone call asking me to come to the clinic that there was a patient waiting for me. 

The camp clinic was scantily equipped especially for dentists. All we could do was give medications so I wasn’t very enthusiastic. Apart from that, the clinic was seen as a hideout for people who didn’t want to participate in camp activities. I could endure the activities so I didn’t mind much. 

In the clinic, I made new friends- doctor from other schools and other health personnel. It was nice listening to different stories and experiences from other colleagues. It was also amusing to see the excuses corpers presented with in a bid to escape camp activities and some for redeployment. One very pretty babe brought a letter stating that she had hemophilia and she was on anti-cancer drugs. I laughed because if she knew the implication of what she was claiming, she would be scared for her life. 

I couldn’t wait for my call to be over at 8pm. I handed over to the next person and headed to Mammy to enjoy the rest of my evening. 

Tip- If you have any medical condition, take your medications along, enough to last you for the duration of camp. For asthma patients, your inhaler is very very important. Also, don’t do more than your body can endure – like staying under the rain when one of your triggers is cold. The camp clinic isn’t well-equipped enough to handle serious cases. You will be sent home. 


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  1. Tosin says:

    The make up part is very funny 😁😁😁😁

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